7 tips for family photos on Eid

This year I am doing Eid Portraits for my clients here in the Seattle area. This is something I have never offered before & I'm very excited to see how that works out (if you're local and are interested, you can read more details + sign up here ❤ ). For everyone else though, I thought I'd [...]


Gifting Photobooks + tips on making one + A VERY SPECIAL OFFER

If you're looking for a personalized gift idea for a loved one, here's one I love and repeat very often.. gifting Photo Books. The last one I made as a gift was for my mom using photos from her last visit to us in 2016. Here are some themes you can use to make one [...]

School Year Photobooks

A little while ago I shared about these photobooks I made for Anya's preschool and pre-kindergarten years on Instagram and got lots of questions about them. Sharing more about these here today hoping it gives you guys a better idea of how I make these. Here's a little about this project first if you haven't [...]

Singing into Slumber. A collection of our favorite Urdu lullabies

One favorite childhood memory is of bedtime when my mom used to lie down with us every night. She would tell us a story followed by a few loris (lullaby) she would sing to us as we drifted off to sleep. Nadiya and I would get to take turns to choose the story and I [...]

O Pakistan

To Pakistan. To the country the great Jinnah gave his life for. To the soil of the motherland and to finally understanding the love for the mitti1 as our elders used to say, that overwhelming feeling as you step out of the airplane and the airport. Through the smoky air, through the very Pakistani smells, you can almost feel it. These are [...]