Celebrating You–Anya’s 1st Birthday celebration

Dear Little One,

we had a little birthday party for you on Sunday. Despite everything, I decided that we wanted to share this momentous occasion with our closest friends and your friends to be.

That even though the worst possible has happened to your mama this year, with that the best happened too. And without you in my life at this point i couldn’t have survived.

So i wanted to celebrate you, the joy u are to us, the happiness you bring to our lives every single day. I wanted to say that sometimes the best things in life come along with the worst things and we have to survive, because this is life and this is what were meant to do, to keep living our lives when it absolutely feels like we couldn’t go on.

I wanted to celebrate your presence in our lives disguised as a little birthday party and you loved it. Conversing with the babies who came, crawling around in the backyard, saying baba baba over and over again, hanging out with the older kids, walking around in your wobbly little way, you were the picture of a happy little baby, mA.

Thank you for helping me move on, thank you for giving a reason to my days, thank you for everything. I love you always and forever.

Your nana is smiling at you today, i can tell:)
2012-04-08 Anya is One party 012

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2012-04-08 Anya is One party 061
Update: Many of you asked about the fabric garland, so I thought I’ll share a little about it. It was made using cut up old tshirts tied over a piece of twine. I tied them up using this tutorial I found via pinterest. And I loved how it turned out. Hope that helps!

Another Update: We were so excited when this little party was featured on Apartment Therapy. Check it out.

2012-04-09 002

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AND ANOTHER UPDATE: This was the first post I published when I began my blogging journey and it was soon after my dad’s sudden death from brain cancer. Our little girl turned 1 one month after my dad’s death while we were still in Pakistan and a little after I returned I felt like celebrating her presence and all that she had meant for my family at such a difficult time.