Glimpses from this beautiful house in Islamabad, Pakistan

Hey you guys! Hope your weekend was lovely and full of all things exciting and refreshing! Ours was nice and relaxing, just like we like ours to be:)

2012-12-30 Islamabad 284

I have a little treat for you this Monday morning. I wanted to share these pictures of the most beautiful home I’ve seen in some time. The owners live near Islamabad and are friends of my grandparents.

Every thing in the house had a story behind it and it was just a treat walking through this gorgeous home. Looking at these pictures again just made me want to go right now and photograph the rest of their house! IA that will be on my list for next time.

Okay enough talking and more pictures. Here you go.

2012-12-30 Islamabad 286

2012-12-30 Islamabad 289

2012-12-30 Islamabad 285

2012-12-30 Islamabad 138

2012-12-30 Islamabad 142

2012-12-30 Islamabad 1372012-12-30 Islamabad 147

2012-12-30 Islamabad 136

2012-12-30 Islamabad 145

2012-12-30 Islamabad 143

Isn’t it beautiful? Every corner was so tastefully done up and I promise you, whenever I do the full tour (hopefully soon) you will be in love.

2012-12-30 Islamabad 144

Have a lovely day.

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FYI: IA or iA or Insha Allah means God willing. And yes we tend to sometimes over-use this phrase :p