Celebrating Anya’s 2nd

2013-02-18 Anya is 2 MA 241

If you follow this blog, you probably know that we just celebrated a 2nd birthday around here, and also how baby’s birthday was spent. I thought I’d share some pictures from her big day too, specially for you guys!

Still cant believe this little piece of us is 2 already.

2013-02-18 Anya is 2 MA 140

2013-02-18 Anya is 2 MA 0142013-02-18 Anya is 2 MA 135

The balloon surprise was waiting for her when she woke up in the morning! I had run to the grocery store at 11 pm the night before to get these, while my husband kept an eye on our sick little sleeping baby. These entertained her all day and are still floating around the house randomly.

2013-02-18 Anya is 2 MA 062

Handmade card inspired by some paint chip DIY art I had seen on pinterest.

2013-02-18 Anya is 2 MA 151

2013-02-18 Anya is 2 MA 185

Added some last minute decorations around the place, twinkly lights, paper streamers, homemade confetti using cut up tissue paper in vases for some quick color. And of course a little birthday message on the chalkboard.

2013-02-18 Anya is 2 MA 1552013-02-20 028

I bought some plain party hats and had planned to fancy up one for the birthday girl. But taking care of sick baby didn’t leave much time for that. A quick tissue paper fringe edge layered in different colors had to do, and it actually looked quite festive. 

2013-02-18 Anya is 2 MA 233

2013-02-18 Anya is 2 MA 268

And the cake! I had been dreaming about a pastel colored rainbow cake for a long time. Loved how it came out. I used Wilton’s gel food colors. They’re so bright. Just a drop or two were enough for each layer. Because I’m lazy like that, I used a white cake packaged cake mix. Just divided the batter into four equal parts, added the food colors and baked them.

The icing was made using this recipe I found on pinterest. I had tried it for her birthday last year too and loved it because it is not too heavy.  Oh and incase you have never frosted a cake before like me:p, this tutorial helped me a lot.

2013-02-18 Anya is 2 MA 160

Thanks for being a part of our little family celebration. Xoxo.

Oh and incase you are a new follower and missed out on her birthday last year. Here it is.


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