HOME TOUR: Eclectic art filled home in Bahawalpur, Pakistan


Good morning all of you lovely people, I’m here with a home tour today and so excited to finally share this beautiful home with you guys. This home is especially close to my heart as it belongs to my sister-in-law’s family. Ever since our visit to their little apartment in Khanewal1, before they moved to Bahawalpur1, I knew I wanted to take pictures of their house. That didn’t happen as they ended up moving before we were able to visit again but I was finally able to take these pictures of their new home on our last trip.

This is the story of a house that was lovingly planned for years, and despite limitations of time, space and resources, this family made sure they got their dream house. Even though according to Pakistan standards, their house is on the smaller side, they have planned it such that it gives them room for everything they want. My sister-in-law is an English Literature lecturer in a local college and is studying for her PhD on the side, besides being a talented artist and crafter. Her husband owns a factory that gives employment to local craftswomen and where handmade cloth and embroideries are made. They are then sold in his own boutique that was started a few years ago. (I talked about this earlier here).

Here is a tour into their beautiful house in Bahawalpur which they share with their two sons.


The beautiful little front courtyard leads to the main entrance into the drawing room or the formal living area. The stain glass art is made by my sister-in-law herself. The antique coin collection is my brother-in-law’s and has found a home in a beautiful wooden chest. The bead chandelier was a gift from a loved one.


The dining area is adjacent to the formal living area. The cabinets display some beautiful collections from the far east, including a delicate little china tea set, some Japanese dolls brought back by loving family members. This art above that hangs on the opposite wall is my personal favorite. These are inspired by Mughal art as well as some eastern stories from literature and made by herself.


The hallway that opens into the rest of the house as well as the side entrance.


The study/guest room on the main floor contains the much loved books that includes beautifully displayed literature in Urdu as well as English. The art is all made by herself except for the black and white wood print which was a gift.


The stairs lead you to the family room upstairs that gets cozy sunshine in the winter months and is where most afternoons are spent, catching up on studies and work. The paintings as well as this cross stitch art above are all made by herself.


The master bedroom is feminine and serene with the light pink walls. My sister-in-law is also an avid doll collector and her collection sits in a shelf here.



Hope you all enjoyed touring this beautiful home.

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Thanks for reading and stopping by.

1 Khanewal and Bahawalpur are cities in Southern Punjab in Pakistan. I shared some glimpses from our time in Bahawalpur earlier here.