Tea Party for Anya’s 3rd Birthday

Hey lovelies, I am back after a little absence this past week as this space got a little update on its look. Glad to know that you guys liked it. Hopefully it will be easier to find posts now. Let me know if you have any feedback:)


I shared pictures from the day Anya turned 3, and as promised sharing some more today from the little party we had to celebrate the event. Alhamdullilah there are so many special people around us, who shower Anya with so much love and even though we wish we could celebrate with all of them, our tiny house doesn’t allow that. So instead we decided to celebrate with our immediate group of friends and their families. Since our kids get to meet often, they have developed a nice little comfort level with each other and Anya loves having them over.

Here is what our little party looked like.








A festive corner by the food area including some garlands and balloons and lights (Here’s a tutorial for the tassle garland). I like to put out all of the birthday cards she receives from our families, to feel like they’re a part of our celebration in a tiny way. The hats were leftover from last year, and I hot glued lace edging I had lying around and pom poms to makeover them a bit. Put out the little favors gifts, fancied up using tags and little clothespins I already had, and added some vintage books along with some Alice in Wonderland quotes to decorate some corners.

I have a tendency to drive myself a bit crazy planning such parties. I have big ideas that involve particular colors and items which I go crazy looking for. A week or so before the event, I realized it was not working for me. And I started questioning myself on why I was having this party in the first place! I ended up keeping it simple and using what I had on hand. And it worked out just fine. In our quest for perfection and need to throw Pinterest worthy parties sometimes, we can forget what actually matters and what doesn’t. Thankfully I was reminded.


IMG_6866 (1)




Here is what the snacks table looked like. I tried to keep them simple by using pre-made items I could find, and took help from my husband and some friends too. The cake was also ordered at our local grocery store. 




Hope you enjoyed this little peek. Anya had an amazing time and that’s what matters in the end.

Thanks for reading and much love.


Most of the pictures thanks to Nabila and Ayesha, my super-awesome friends.

PS: Here is a glimpse at her first and second birthday celebrations