Thoughts on why I don’t share her face online

2012-07-03 082web.jpg


When a friend of mine had her daughter a few months before mine, I remember finding it interesting that she never put pictures of her little girl online. Being picture obsessed that I am, I thought I’d never be able to do that.

But when Anya was born, I don’t know what happened but it just didn’t feel right putting her face out there. I convinced my husband and our families to adjust their privacy settings so only the closest family and friends were able to view those pictures. We were overjoyed with her existence in our life, her tiny little body full of newborn fuzz, her loud cries and those focused eyes. To us she was beautiful and we didn’t need the whole world’s approval. In the moment, I don’t think I had enough time to think my thoughts through. I just knew that was what I wanted to do.

It was hard at times, but as time went by, the habit stuck and I got creative with her pictures. I realized that even though our faces are the reflection of our hearts, our stories can be told in many other ways. I want her story to be about more than just her looks. I want her personality to shine through, I want her thoughts and her words to be as important.

Even though I have this urge to write and share through this journey of mine, I want to protect her from the unfathomable types of predators that scroll the internet.  Maybe I am conservative or superstitious and I’m also not sure what the future might bring, or how my ideas might change in the days to come. But for right now, this is what feels right to me and I choose to stay true to that.

There is a fine line when you start to share parts of your life online, of what you share and what you hold back and I am treading that line right now.  At the end of it, blogging and sharing my pictures online is my choice, not hers and I don’t want to take it away from her.

Just wanted to share some feelings on this as I know many of you wonder about it.

Thanks for reading and lots of love.