Introducing Mom Stories: A photos+words series on Motherhood

Baby Yusuf (2)

So excited to finally share this. Starting this series on the blog where I ask some amazing moms to share their thoughts in words + photos. Think of it as a little conversation, a heart to heart one for that matter, on motherhood, its challenges and its joys, a reflection on faith, culture and dreams for our children.

I find it so amazing that when you’re a mom, you could come from completely different worlds, belong to any culture, speak any language, and yet find so much common with another mother. I find it also amazing how much you discover about yourself once you become a parent, the beautiful and the ugly, and how much your perspectives change once you become a parent.

As a mom, I have thrived on community, on friendships with other moms, on sharing our frustrations and our little triumphs. It is fabulous to be going along this journey alongside other inspiring moms in both our real lives and our online lives. This series is a way to pass this on to my readers too. Let’s be inspired by each other :).

Stay tuned for the first series in this post.