AROUND PAKISTAN: Central Library Bahawalpur


The Central Library of Bahawalpur is a historical library in the city of Bahawalpur1. I had been dying to visit this beautiful library ever since I heard of it. When they were growing up, my husband and his sister were regular members and I’m so glad Anya got to visit the library of her dad’s childhood on this trip.

We were not disappointed at all on our visit and I could imagine many an afternoons spent at the peaceful and oh-so-colorful children section just reading books to my girl. The two librarians in the children’s section were so friendly. Anya loved going through their books, the educational puzzles they had laid out and playing in the little play area they had in the center. An afternoon definitely well-spent. Here’s a peek.









Founded on 8th March 1924, the Central Library of Bahawalpur, is built with a classical Italian style of architecture. The library boasts historic manuscripts, more than a hundred thousand books in both English and Urdu, a children’s library, a newspaper collection beginning before the independence of Pakistan till date, a Braille Library, a computer training center as well as audio-visual collections.2




If you have kids and are ever in the area, I definitely recommend you go visit.

Thanks for reading. Lots of love.

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1 Bahawalpur is the 12th largest city of Pakistan, located in Punjab. The city was once the capital of the princely state and later province Bahawalpur, and home to various Nawabs(rulers). Also from the blog, memories from Bahawalpur.

2 A link to a short video blog in Urdu about this library


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