IN PICTURES: Road Trip to the Bay area

Glimpses from our road trip to the bay area back in February. My husband had some time off before his new job started and we decided to finally make this trip. Here is a glimpse.


The journey began through some stormy rains.


to sunbreaks near Portland, OR


And driving underneath the starriest of skies on I-5 south as the sun went down.


It was Anya’s birthday and we had a little family celebration when we stopped for the night at Medford, OR. More about her birthday here.


Enjoying the views of Mount Shasta as we entered the state of California on a beautiful sunshine filled day. Anya spent her time watching her favorite A Bug’s Life as I read The Five Love Languages of Children.


The rolling hills of Northern California were just beautiful and we entered the bay area with the evening commute as the sun went down.


Reached our friends’ house where Anya and her girls quickly became the best of friends. My friend makes the most amazing finger licking good food and the menu all three days that we stayed with them was fabulous!


Driving up to Vista Point the next day for a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge and then walking through the streets of Sausalito as the sun went down before we headed to San Francisco for dinner. Also it was so nostalgic to spend time with my old friend from university. Her family, and the friends we were staying with have become good friends themselves. It really is a small world!


Anya found a new best friend who she can’t stop talking about even now. They spent hours playing on their own and leaving the house for anywhere was a challenge.


Trip back home begins.


Reaching Fort Bragg, CA as we took the longer route to enjoy some of Highway 1.


Stopping at the various gorgeous beaches north of Fort Bragg, CA. Loved the sign above that read ‘Take only photographs. Leave only footprints.’ that my husband pointed me towards as I collected pieces of driftwood and some seashells.


The breathtakingly beautiful drive south on Highway 1, as the road came dangerously close to the pacific ocean and then swerved away into the Redwood Forest areas. The golden hour made the drive even more beautiful and photos can’t really do justice. 


Staying overnight at Eureka, CA. And driving by some of the Victorian houses including the famous Carson Mansion next morning before we started our journey back.


Stopping by near Crescent City, CA for a quick little bit.


Driving through the Redwoods again, even though we were not able to take detours for the drive-through trees. Nevertheless it was beautiful! We reached home that same night after driving for almost 10+ hours that day alone.


Thanks for stopping by. Lots of love.



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