Conversations with Anya

A bilingual household means a bilingual kid! I’ll try to translate most of the conversations but sometimes its not that easy. Hope you’ll excuse that 🙂



On our way to CA as we were driving and I was trying to look for a hotel for the night on my phone,

Anya: Fun Sa hotel dhoondo mama jahan ballerinas dance kar RI ho aur hum dekh rahe ho aur clap kar rahe hoen. (Find a fun hotel mama, where ballerinas are dancing and we are watching them and clapping our hands)


A little while later, while still on the road

Anya: light on karo. (Turn on the light)

Bilal and I: What do you want to do?

Anya: I want to see Tessa* , meine kabhi bhi Tessa ko nahi dekha hai. (I want to see Tessa, I have never seen Tessa)


Anya: I don’t need Tessa.

(throws it away)


Anya, panicking: TESSA?! TESSA?!

Us: ?!!

*Tessa: Her favorite stuffie dog from one of my sisters.


At bedtime one night:

Anya: Thank you Allah mian for giving us some cute toes so we can walk. Thank you Allah mian for giving us a bottom to sit on. And thank you Allah mian for giving mermaid a tail so she could swim, otherwise if she had legs how could she swim.


Our conversation one morning.

Anya: Baba’s favorite color is blue.

Me: Really?

Anya: Mama, whats your favorite color?

Me: I really love colors so I like all colors.

Anya: Do you like Pink?

Me: Um Yes. But I don’t’ like everything to be Pink. Like if I’m wearing a Pink top, I will not wear Pink pants. Because I like to mix and match.

Anya: But I like to match. So I can say Pink (pointing at her top), Pink, (pointing at her skirt) and Pink, (pointing at her tights).

Me: Ahan? (while inside I groan!!).


Anya telling me she’s not hungry..

Me: Anya its not funny

A: I did not say that. I did not say it is funny..


I gave her a snack after dinner time and was trying to get her to finish it.

Me: Anya, you should eat otherwise you keep saying you’re hungry once it’s bedtime.

Anya: Mama, when I say I’m hungry at night, I am just J-O-K-I-N-G. I am not really hungry at night time. It’s a joke.

Me: !!


One day while I’m driving.

Anya: Mama, what does a car look like?

Me: What does a car look like? You know what it looks like!

Anya: Yes, I know what a car looks like. I was just kidding!

Anya: Mama what does a road look like?

Me: !!

Anya: I know what a road looks like, I’m just kidding, KIDDING!


At dinner one day,

Anya: Mei to sirf one time khati hoon. (I only eat just once a day)


At bedtime Anya: I wish that Baba and mama and I can see Allah mian

Me: You want to meet Allah mian?

Anya: Yes. Because I want to ask him something.

Me: What do you want to ask him love?

Anya: That why do you live up in the sky where no one can see you!


Playing with her stuffies with her daddy.

Bilal, pretending to be the duck: Tell me a song.

Anya: You know, just google song.

Us: (OMG??)


Anya’s cousin and her husband were visiting us and we were so excited about their visit.

Me: Do you think we should take S apa somewhere in our car when she comes?

Anya: Yes.

(Thinks it over.)

Anya: Maybe she can do the bartan (dishes) washing so you and I can play. 

Me: !


In the car one day, looking at the GPS in Bilal’s car.

Anya: Mama dekho baba ke maps mei Allah mian ne kitna acha banaya hai lines for roads. (Mama, look in Baba’s maps Allah has made such nice lines for roads)

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