Hostess gift idea: Homemade Cookies




Last year in Ramazan (or Ramadan in Arabic), every time that we were invited for our traditional potluck iftaris with our friends, I tried to take some homemade cookies as a thank you gift for our hostess. It became a fun little tradition that Anya would help me with and look forward to. Thought I’d share the idea if you’re looking for inspiration for what to take for the amazing hostesses of our fabulous iftar parties this Ramazan.

This is the cookie recipe I love, which I packaged in homemade paper bags made from scrapbook paper,  with this printable Ramadan Mubarak greeting card freebie, and it is also nice to include a little tag inside with ingredients information etc.

I am not normally much of a cookies person and so didn’t realize until we did this, how much of a fun bonding activity making cookies with your children is!




Thanks for reading. Lots of love.


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