IN PHOTOS: September

Restarting the month-in-photos series for an online journal of our everyday. Earlier posts from the previous blog here.


Coming back home after our time in Pakistan to some rainy, typical Seattle weather, took a bit of an adjustment from the hot humid weather of Pakistan.


It’s been a sad time as we get by after the loss of my mother-in-law. Trying to stay cheery for Mister B so he is able to get a tad bit better every day.


We celebrated 9 years from our wedding and I celebrated 9 of being in the States. Time truly does fly!


She missed her toys while we were away so there were quite a few celebratory tea parties.


And she is really into making her own toast or sandwiches these dishes. Don’t ask what she like to put on them though, all kinds of jams and creams and sweet stuff!



My girl started her new school. Its awesome and specially more so when she comes back home.


Took a little day trip to this beautiful place.


Enjoyed quite a few of our lazy weekends.


And this beautiful girlfriends lunch that my friend had us over for. Photo Credits: Nabila Babar


And Eid ul Adha spent with some good food and even better friends! More about our Eid here.


And what a way to end September with, the gorgeous sight of the blood moon from our valley. More here.

Hope you had a lovely September. Be back soon.

Lots of love.


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