Simple DIY hair accessories

2012-06-23 032

Since Anya was a baby, I have loved putting little bows and hair clips on her. There seem to be more options for buying hair clips for little girls these days but back when she was a baby it was really hard to find ones that I liked. I ended up with a lot of simple DIY hair accessories for her which I absolutely loved. Thought I would share some of those today.

We started with the tiny little bows my sister made when Anya was born, which I put on simple elastic headbands. When she was really young I also made some crochet chains to use like headbands and attached bows to those too.

2011-05-18 005

2011-10-03 0062011-08-17 001

2011-07-16 007

As she got a little older, I tried covering snap clips with felt to keep her hair off of her eyes.

2011-10-12 0282011-10-15 004

And later on also tried covering simple headbands with fabric and making headbands of our own.

2011-10-20 147

And it has been so simple to convert pretty much anything into a hair clip by hot glue-ing an alligator clip or a snap clip to the back.

2012-11-21 0602012-08-31037

If you’d like to make your own hair accessories for a little girl in your life, here are some good supplies to have:

– Metal snap clips (like these)

– Alligator clips (like these)

– Felt Sheets in different colors (like these)

– Hot glue gun (like this one)

– Thin Elastic (like this one)

– Also good to have: Buttons in various colors, Scraps of fabric, lace and ribbon, Plastic or fabric colored plain headbands, Fabric Glue

2012-10-22 088

This last headband above was a handmade gift from a friend. Isn’t it beautiful?

Thanks for reading and lots of love.