Conversations with Anya : in Pakistan

A bilingual household means a bilingual kid! I’ll try to translate most of the conversations but sometimes its not that easy. Hope you’ll excuse that!


At a park near our house in Islamabad, after she got hit by a girl, Anya: Mama ap ne dekha tha jab aik girl ne mujhe thapar mara tha toes se?


[while trying out mithai at a shop for my sister’s wedding with her nani]

Anya: I have an idea.. How about we try the jalaibis in allll the shops.


One morning in Pakistan as she showed me her mosquito bites: mujhe machli ne kata hai


[In our porch one day as we got out of the car]

Anya, looking up at the ceiling: Where’s the jalaibi?

My sister, Nadiya: jalaibi?

A: Woh jo dinosaur jaisa hota hai


Me: Anya you know we’re sad because dadi went to Allah mian.

Anya: Is she in the sky now?


Anya: You know nana and dadi can now talk to each other because they’re both with Allah mian.


Bilal: Hum dadi keh liye kya dua karein? (What should we pray for, for your dadi)

Anya: I think what she needs is something through which she can talk really loud so we can hear her


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