Memory Table at N+H wedding


My sister recently got married in Pakistan to my school friend. My family has known him for the longest time and we have been so excited this past year planning the wedding. Here’s a little story for you guys. 14 or so years ago when H’s dad was terribly unwell, my parents would go see him in the hospital along with other friends from the airforce family. When uncle passed away, my dad was the one to call us from the hospital. In the days that followed, we spent alot of time with H and his family as we’d go over to be with their family as much as we could. Papa encouraged us to be there for them and to do whatever was possible at such a difficult time. In the years that followed H became a regular at our house.

Fast forward to the day when my dad passed away, as news spread people started arriving at our house the same evening. I remember the moment H entered and I looked at him and it hit me.. all those years ago when we saw him and his family after his dad passed away, not once could we imagine the pain that ripped their hearts, till it hit us. It was one of those moments that felt like they happened in slow motion and as I write about it, it passes right in front of my eyes! In strange ways losses unite us!


Anyways just thought I’d share a little background story. Earlier this year once the wedding plans started getting finalized, Waliya and I talked about the fact that we really wanted to include the memory of both the dads to the celebration. Some brainstorming and Pinterest-ing helped us come with this idea. We made a memory table to display our dads’ smiling faces with a little ‘Wish you were here’ message.


We also displayed wedding photos of family members of both families and it was so nice having those memories in front of us as we all came together in celebration. I got a guest book printed via Shutterfly and we asked guests to leave messages or share memories for the couple. (Do check back later for a post with details on that guest book)


Guests totally loved the idea and many family members got so emotional seeing the photos of my dad and uncle. It didn’t do much to remove the pain of not having them on such an important occasion but being able to celebrate their memory felt bittersweet!

Thanks for reading. Lots of love.


Photo Credits: Jahanzeb Khan Photography