With car troubles came perspective.


Last week on the way back from your gymnastics class, while you were upset at me for eating the last pizza slice, I realized something was wrong with the car. After stopping the car on the side of the road, I called roadside assistance as you nagged me from the backseat to unbuckle you. When I was finally done talking, I turned around to see you unbuckled and all comfy with your shoes off, reading a picture book you found in the car (there to be returned to someone). ‘I’m trying to have fun mama’, you told me! As we waited for Bilal to come rescue us, we sat all cozy with our car running, eating oranges from our groceries that we had bought earlier in the day. You explored my car’s music player and heating system and as you figured things out, said oohhhh yeh aise work karta hai (Oh, so that is how it works). Time slowed down for a bit as I watched you sitting in the passenger seat with nothing else to do or take us away from the moment. I watched you sing your songs and dance and just chatter away. And we talked about how sweet your daddy was to come all the way for us, despite the terrible traffic congestion because of the storm of the previous day. And then we felt the headlights on us and turned to find he was there! We shifted cars as he gave us his to drive back home while he figured out the flat tyre. It took us an hour to drive back home from there what is usually a 15 minute portion. And it took Bilal two more hours!

Sitting there in the car while we waited, I was reminded so much of my childhood and my dad. I remembered all the times we would be stuck in the middle of some city because of car troubles and how my dad would come to rescue us. We always knew that no matter our problem and location, we just had to figure out a way to get in touch with him and he would be there to get us out of that. And I felt so thankful that even now I have someone to call for help. I thought of my mom and my sister. That they no longer have ‘their’ person to call when they suddenly have car trouble, which happens a lot for them . Allah HAS been especially kind and He truly brings us help from all around when we need it. I said a little prayer for them, that Allah always makes things easy for them, and always provides them with help whenever they need it. While it is true that being the strong women and girls we have been raised like, we know that if needed we inshaAllah have the ability to handle all that comes our way, it does feel good knowing we have someone to count on. It is truly a blessing when Allah gives you someone that makes our daily issues easier for us to deal with. Sometimes we need a little perspective to appreciate what we have:)