Today, let’s look into their eyes as we look at their beautiful photos and as we read their stories another time. Today let’s imagine what they went through before their young lives were so brutally cut short. Today let’s think of their parents’, the state of their hearts. Think of each minute, each hour, each day and then 365 very very long days that have passed without the lights of their lives, with that trauma heavy on their hearts. Today let us think of all the ones who lived to tell their tales, the things they have seen that no words can even describe. Today, for another time, feel for them, weep for them, pray for them but also more than ever, think! What can we do? Because today is a reminder that we are truly failing our children! #neverforget #144stories #APSpeshawer





We were in Bahawalpur at my mother-in-law’s place last year, and vividly remember the eerie stillness in the air, in the days that followed. Shops remained closed, banners hung high all over the cities, eyes wept endlessly, hearts prayed, people stood in candlelit vigils to show their solidarity with the affected families. In a country that loves its conspiracy theories, it felt like for once everyone was united. It felt like this time they had hit where it hurt the most. On this day, they pierced through the hearts of a whole nation and left such a hole that even time can’t fill. Hope with all of my heart that these children’s lives were not in vain and that never again do we have to see such a dark day in Pakistan’s life.

Urainge us aasman mein;

(We’ll fly in such a sky)

Rahainge aisay jahaan mein;

(live in such a world)

Jahaan dard ka koi maara na ho;

(where no one quivers in pain)

Akaila na ho be-sahaara na ho;

( no one is lonely or left alone)

koi maa say bichara dulaara no ho;

(no mother would live without her child)

siva ishq kay koi chaara na ho;

(nothing to choose from than love)

Listening to this right now and remembering all these beautiful children and their teachers today.


Read about this tragedy, about the heroes of this horrific day, all the young lives lost in this heartbreaking dedication by DAWN. Also read this for the heartbreaking journey behind collecting these stories

A little history about the Army Public Schools here. Specially personal for me because my mom studied in these and recently was in the management too. The Pakistan Air Force schools that I studied at were also similar.

Also can’t help being reminded of the 3 year anniversary of the Newtown Shootings in Sandy Hook. This is a senseless world and we really have failed our children all over the world!


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