Time to take a break.


Sweet readers, I’m just stopping by here today to let you all know that I am in an odd place right now where I’m finding it super-overwhelming to keep up with my blog. I have lots of half-written posts and ideas in my head that I’m not able to follow through and that leaves me feeling frustrated and uninspired. I also feel I should focus more on my business at this stage. For those of you that don’t know, I have run my photography business as a hobby and just last summer my husband and I decided the time was right to finally register it and take it more seriously. It has been amazing and I’m so excited about that but as a result the blog has to take a step back. I might be posting on and off as all those words in my head force themselves out but I’m taking the pressure off of myself to have to post every week.

You can follow me on Instagram and the Facebook page, where I will continue to post on and off and share whatever is currently going on.

Would really appreciate it if you checked out my work too and if you like it, I would love a recommendation/referral for anyone in the Seattle area looking to get some photos done. I do Portrait sessions as well as cover Events. I also do the occasional Bridal photos + Weddings. 

My Work: Website // Instagram // Facebook

This stage might last just a month or it might go on for the next six months, whatever it might be, thanks so much for understanding!

Lots of love.


5 thoughts on “Time to take a break.

  1. aww i love your postings..i am gona miss all ur thoughts that u describe in such a beautiful and unique way..wish u good luck in ur business!!!


  2. I’ll miss you very much. It made me feel that much closer to you. What you are doing is important also. It’s important for ones growth and sanity. BUT MAKE SURE THE BREAK IS A SMALL ONE. Love and tight hugs.


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