my baby turns 7 + tips for making birthdays special

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Lately, I’ve been starting to get an itch to blog again.. I think I miss it.. BUT I also feel like I’m finally at the point where my business self + blogger self, feel like the same person. That is probably going to sound crazy to you because well it sounds crazy. Will share more about that another time but tonight just wanted to share these photos from my girl’s birthday morning. This is a little photo-heavy and long, because I don’t know how to do short conversations, haha.

Unless this is the first time you’re here, you probably know already my love for making family traditions. I love finding rituals to repeat year after year and have always put out balloons in her room for her to wake up to on her birthday. Its even more enjoyable now that she expects that and even asks for it.

Of course, that does make me want to mix things up a little bit to keep them interesting.


So this year, my husband filled up the balloons I had ordered from Amazon and once she was asleep,  I got to work hanging them from the ceiling + adding some more simple decor in her room like the birthday message on her wall (I pinned such a pretty version of this but ended up with this super last minute, made-in-a-rush version but well).


Recently she has often asked if I can bring breakfast for her in bed and I have to always tell her there’s no time for that so naturally that felt like the perfect way to wake her up! A tray of nutella crepes breakfast + berries with whipped cream + brought her a little something to wear too as well. Oh and the first clue for the birthday gift treasure hunt!

Random unnecessary fact: I believe in wearing new clothes on our birthdays .. doesn’t matter if they’re bought on a sale or if it’s nothing fancy, as long as your birthday is the first time you wear it!


I did the birthday gift treasure hunt on her 5th birthday for the first time and didn’t know it would be such a hit for her! She absolutely loves the tradition now.. and running around the whole house as fast as she can, figuring out the clues leading up to her gift!


This was the first year, we didn’t really have anything big in mind to get for her (I like to wait for birthdays or special occasions to buy any special items she has been wanting) so I ordered this party light / bluetooth speaker for her. I know my babe and her love for her Disney music and I just KNEW she’d love it.

Here’s a link to the light since so many have asked about it on insta-stories. We can connect it to my phone and play her favorite Disney music channel on Play Music or her favorite podcasts. It also can play from USB so we’ve added music to that too. My husband is very particular about not putting Alexa / Google Home in her room since there’s no way to make sure the songs that play are appropriate for kids so this has been the best solution for her!


When I’d asked her in the weeks before what she wanted to do on her birthday since it would be a weekend too she had asked for something animals related. I had originally planned for Northwest Wildlife Trek but found out it was closed because of Presidents’ Day, so we ended up at Point Defiance Zoo + Aquarium.


It was so chilly but absolutely beautiful and we really had a good time walking around and hearing her random animal facts about some of the animals we saw!


After dinner that night, I spontaneously set up this ‘party’ in our dining room for her to cut the cake. Bilal got her to pick it at Whole Foods the day before. She walked in excitedly telling me ‘were you planning all of this?’ when this was the one part of the day I had not been planning. One thing lead to another and it just happened. Just like life and the way these babies grow up right in front of the eyes, no planning.. just happens!

  1. Set up a birthday morning surprise (love this / this )
  2. Decorate their room! Balloons, string lights, a simple banner; make everything feel festive.
  3. Let them choose a birthday cake / cupcake / donut whatever they’d like.
  4. Set up a treasure hunt to find their birthday gift.
  5. Write them a letter and give them on their birthday.
  6. If you live far from family set up a video-call celebration OR have everyone send them video messages that you can play for them.
  7. Let them choose the main meal of the day or all meals if you’re a cool mom!
  8. Tell them the story of the day they were born (leave out as many of the gory details as you’d like lol / inspiration: gilmore girls ).
  9. If you love taking pictures, make time for a ‘birthday photo session’ (this)
  10. Before they go to bed that night, read out any/all of the birthday wishes you received for them 🙂

Thanks for following along all these years sweet friends and please do remember her and our family in your prayers! I hope to be dropping in randomly a little more often.

Hope you guys have been well.

Lots of love.

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