Craft-night & why you should sometimes celebrate your own birthday.


I’ve been so inspired by this concept of doing something to celebrate your own birthday, not in a narcissistic or vain way but just using it as a reason to celebrate with the people in your life. I have a few friends who do this by inviting their favorite people to a favorite restaurant. One friend set up a simple picnic in the park on the day of her birthday one time. Another who loves Pure Barre invited us to celebrate with her by taking a class together once.

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do a craft-night with friends (remember this craft party for Anya’s birthday?) and last year I decided I would finally just do it for my birthday month. Since most of my friends are not DIYers, I sent out some ideas with the event invite and we decided on making yarn wall hangings.



I did this as an after-dinner event so moms could have dinner with their families, hopefully, be able to tuck their babies in bed and then join in. I laid out some simple snacks + setup for chai (tea made the Pakistani way) so we could have lots of mugs over the course of the night.

Also added a plastic tablecloth on our dining table and we sat around it to do our little project. I had added a few different variations for the yarn hanging on the event page and bought the basic supplies (information about that below). I also sent them a basic tutorial for the project on the invite page so one could open it on one’s phone if needed.


( Wooden Dowels can be found at most hardware stores  / Yarn purchased at Joann Crafts & some found at Goodwill  / / Here’s a basic tutorial for a yarn wall hanging )


Needless to say, when we get together focus is more on talking and laughing, making fun of each other’s color choices (I had bought a particular green shade that got picked on a lot, haha) and just deep conversations in the late hours of the night ..  but it was fun to do all of that with a side of a craft project.



As women we are so busy doing things for our families & homes and our birthdays can be a reminder for some little self-care and doing something that we particularly love to do but don’t find the time for in our daily lives.

Doesn’t have to be fancy, a simple something like : Getting a manicure / Going shopping for a new outfit / Starting a new project / Giving yourself some much-needed me-time with a cup of tea and a favorite book.

Do you celebrate yourself in little or big ways when it’s your birthday?  Share your ideas below, would love to hear!

Thanks for stopping by you guys!

Lots of love.