Gifting Photobooks + tips on making one + A VERY SPECIAL OFFER

If you’re looking for a personalized gift idea for a loved one, here’s one I love and repeat very often.. gifting Photo Books. The last one I made as a gift was for my mom using photos from her last visit to us in 2016.

Here are some themes you can use to make one for a grandparent or a loved one in your life.

// A yearbook of your baby’s 1st year (or 1st month if that seems easier)  // A Photo book of a recent vacation your family took // of their visit to you // of your last visit to them / of a big birthday celebration or other occasion // Guest Book for a couple who’s just getting married (I made this one for my sister and bro-in-law) //


Here’s the process I use to make a photo book. I find the simpler you keep your design and process the easier it will be for you to make books regularly.

// Collect all the photos from my phone + camera + any photos they sent me // Go through photos and add favorites to a separate folder // Upload this folder to the website I’m using // Choose a simple template for my book // Decide on page layouts depending on number of photos I want on the page (I usually have a lot of photos so go with ones I can add multiple photos on) // Repeat a few layouts that I really like throughout the book and try to fit in all the photos chronologically // Add only very basic text as needed + ‘Year’ on the cover // Review 1-2 times when finished // Order book //

Blurb / Shutterfly are my two favorite places to order photobooks. 

Check out this very special offer this summer if you have family in Pakistan and are interested in sending them a personalized photo gift.