7 TIPS for taking your own family photos this Eid


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This year I am doing Eid Portraits for my clients here in the Seattle area. This is something I have never offered before & I’m very excited to see how that works out (if you’re local and are interested, you can read more details + sign up here  ).

For everyone else though, I thought I’d share some ideas for capturing your family on Eid this year. It’s been 7+ years of celebrating these holidays as a mom and these are some of the ways I have done it for my own family. Hope it helps.


1. When Anya was little, I would set-up to take some photos when I would try on her Eid outfit on her. This was perfect because I would then use these photos with an Eid message online and I didn’t have to stress over it on the day of.

2012-08-15 029.jpg

2. On Eid day it is best to get the family photos done earlier in the day when everyone is more likely to cooperate and outfits are still looking their best. What works for my family is that I will set up the camera, take test shots to make sure things look good before I call them. That makes it easier for both the ‘easily irritated by photos’ & the ‘can’t sit still’ type family members.

3. Best spots for photos indoors is with everyone standing or sitting, facing a window. That filtered light makes for gorgeous photos as long as there is no direct sunshine hitting anyone’s faces. Also, make sure to turn off all of the overhead lightings and only using lamp lights if you REALLY REALLY need to, otherwise natural light is THE best.


4. For outdoor photos, unless it is near golden hour (sunrise or sunset time), the safest place is in the shade (under a tree, or the shade next to a building) for bright sunny days. For overcast days you don’t have to worry about this and stand anywhere.

5. Most cameras have an option of multiple photos on timer mode, I have loved using that for family photos. Try to look into the camera for the first shot, and then it’s fun to look at each other or make a joke, or just ask your kids what treat they want to eat or what they want to buy from their Eidi, anything to get the focus off of the camera.

6. Some Eids taking family photos has been a part of our Eid celebrations with friends and that is always fun. Take your camera, or ask a friend who likes taking pictures and then take turns doing everyone’s family photos. Make it quick, make it fun, use candies as bribery and just make it a part of your Eid party!


7. Over the years I have also learned to be more laid-back about our photos. If it is making certain family members too unhappy, it is not worth it. There have been Eids where not a single family photo happened and you know what.. it’s okay. If a selfie is the only decent family photo you will have this Eid, perfect! Don’t stress and just enjoy the process of making these memories!



//  A trigger remote (Canon option that I have / Amazon basics option that comes for Canon or Nikon) for my dslr is my favorite accessory for self portraits as it makes it so much easier. // Canon’s Camera Connect app, makes it possible to use my phone as a trigger which is aaahmaaazing. All you need is Wifi on your camera + the app on your phone (here’s the Nikon version of the app)//


Do you have any other ideas to share? I would love to hear.

Lots of love, Nataliya