The story of a Birthday Getaway + a few podcast recommendations for roadtrips with kids

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I always thought I would write about this mommy-daughter getaway that happened earlier in April because it was kind of symbolic in my mothering journey but that’s how slow my blogging is in reality. Hopefully, no one minds that around here, right?

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You might remember back in April when I shared about this Vancouver trip that Anya & I took or you may not if you’re new here. Basically, it was our first trip on our own, just the two of us ( other than our Pakistan visits of course). It was pretty simple – a one-night getaway across the border to Vancouver, BC (only 3 hours away from us here in Seattle) but it was the perfect stepping-out-of-my-comfort for me to celebrate turning another year older.

Anya & my birthdays always fall during school breaks and I’m always so tempted to do something that requires a bit of traveling but Bilal usually doesn’t have time off. Also, traveling is not his favorite most thing (i know, it’s hard to believe but there are people like that). So.. after endless arguments over it, and trying to force him to change his way (no luck of course haha. Can we ever really force change on a person?), I have been having a change of thought.. that maybe it’s okay if your husband (or wife?) doesn’t always like the things you like (like traveling).. maybe we need to stop the complaining and the blaming & push ourselves to do these adventures on our own. It’s all good 🙂

Here’s what this little adventure looked like.

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We stayed at this old but hip little hotel in downtown. Part of the excitement for Anya was the hotel and watching tv in bed & when I asked her if she wanted to eat out or stay in she wanted to stay in. So we picked up dinner + Tim Horton’s for ourselves that evening and hung out in bed, playing random games, flipping channels on tv and watching random kids shows & travel channel. Seeing the excitement on her face for simple stuff always makes me so so happy.

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Once she went to sleep that night, I did one of my favorite things.. I journaled. I love doing this on occasions like birthdays & new years as a way to reflect and ponder and evaluate current life stuff. And then I just read all of the sweet messages I was getting and talked to family at midnight. You know how it is, perfect kind of much-needed me-time.

As luck would have it, we got rain all of the next day .. but we didn’t let it stop us. Next morning after breakfast (at Tim Horton’s again), we got our rain jackets on and went mama-daughter shopping in downtown Vancouver. It’s funny that even though we were soaked and it was pretty much the same stores I go to usually but it felt like we had so much relaxed time to just window shop, walk around and chat as we shopped. Usually, when we go to Vancouver (one guess who does not like stopping at stores:p), we never go into stores or anything so it felt exciting 🙂

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Anya has a love for souvenirs so whenever we go ANYWHERE she wants to bring a little something back, sometimes its a little stone, or seashell, and sometimes it’s a little something we buy, this time it was a comic + a little super hero character.

And me? Remember how I have that thing with wanting to wear new clothes for our birthdays? So I treated myself to some new pieces for myself, this one above Anya picked for me, which have since then become wardrobe staples:)

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We also finally went to Nero for the yummiest waffles before we drove around through Stanley Park. It was so so gorgeous with spring blossoms all around & despite the rain so pleasant for the eyes! And that was it, we drove back home to celebrate the remaining of my birthday with mister B, listening to the two Bollywood songs Anya wanted to listen to on repeat (this one + this one, haha) + our favorite podcasts.


If you haven’t listened to podcasts with your children, you really have to now! It is my very favorite thing in recent years to do especially in the car. I feel like it’s the perfect way to zone out when parents need a little break *wink. Sharing a few of our favorites below.

A few favorite podcasts for long road trips with kids

  1. Rebel Girls Podcast (Very inspiring stories of real women heroes told SO beautifully. Very enjoyable for kids + grownups.)
  2. Biddy Bedtime Stories (One of the funniest silly podcasts we listen to and leaves us laughing out loud so many times.)
  3. Mister Men Bedtime Stories. (Old classic favorite and Anya loves these)
  4. Peace out for kids. (Good one for bedtime or any other time when kids aren’t feeling their best. Anya loves her voice and how she guides relaxation.)

Do you do any mom-kid getaways? Do you have any favorite podcasts to listen to with kids? Would love more ideas.

xo, Nataliya