Hosting Idea : Set up a kids table for your next gathering

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It’s Friday night and I’m so excited that I’m finally getting round to doing this. You probably got an idea about how much I love hosting parties when I shared our Thanksgiving gathering over on Instagram. It’s funny that I’m the person who hates cooking but loves preparing to have guests over. Haha. Can someone take over all of the cooking parts from me? 🙂

Before I share the actual gathering + some tips you can use, I wanted to start with this idea that I tried for the first time (thanks to Kelle Hampton for the perfectly timed idea) & really loved! Setting up a table for the kids! 

I’m always analyzing our parties and trying to figure out how I can manage things to make sure everything runs more smoothly. Normally, we end up laying out something for the kids to sit on in our family room and they eat there. But since this was a larger gathering than our normal (around 38 or so people in all), I thought setting up a table for the kids would work better. 


As with all things with me, I usually have the bigger picture in my head and all of the little details happen once I start working on it with one thing leading to the next. It just happens to be more organic than planned too much in advance. 

Everything I used for the table, we had at home already. I used the plastic folding table we keep for backyard BBQs etc (I bought it at Target, but you can find it here too) and covered it with this tablecloth I bought last year for our dining table. Remember this paper roll from Ikea? Just used that as a runner for the length of the table (brown paper would also work well) so they have something to do while they sat there.

I laid out crayons / pencils / markers (best to keep younger ones in mind and to use washable & non-toxic options if you don’t want craziness all over your house. Ha) and then wrote little prompts/questions for the kids to answer and draw around. I started with a simple ‘what are you thankful for’ and Anya basically ran with the idea and added so many adorable prompts. 

The holiday PJs she is wearing here were such an awesome buy after seeing them on Design Mom’s blog. We are loving the quality. You can find them here. 

Finally brought out chairs + more seating (did not have enough so brought out all the ottomans/step stool/stools etc that we could use). AND added some simple decor, a sign + vase + plant. Actually replaced the plant with faux ones because I was worried about the poor guy. See the little cacti in that last photo 🙂 ? 

You know the best part about setting this up was that I could just have fun. Kids won’t be judging anything and the point basically was mainly to have a little place just for them – maybe feel a little special. They just went with it and had fun, I think. I know mine did :):)

So yes, basically that’s about it. During the course of the evening it was used differently, from entertaining the littlest ones, to a place for them all to eat together which I had originally planned it for and towards the end us friends gathering around with our chai & dessert just chatting once the kids had all gone upstairs to play. 

And wait till you check out the little notes we found (scroll down a little to see). What did you think? If you’ve ever done something like this, share your own ideas below too! Would love to add some more for next time since I think I will be doing this again too! 

Looking forward to sharing the actual post for our party. Hopefully, I’ll make that happen soon!

Warmly, Nataliya