4 tips for busy moms (+ non-moms too) creatives & entrepreneurs

Last month I shared some tips for mom entrepreneurs, bloggers or creatives on Instagram stories and loved hearing back from you guys! As requested I saved them on highlights on Instagram but I wanted to summarize them in a blog post too, so here I am!


This is where it all starts! As a parent, it is crazy the amount of things you have to remember (loved how this post brought light to this). There are so many things to keep track of, from doctor appointments, kids parties, school things and other million things that are going on. Keeping a physical planner really helps me free up my brain from having to remember it all. I really think this can free up mental space for creativity and ideas which are so very important if you want to regularly have inspiration.

I recommend looking through a few planners before you decide on one that works for you. I personally like a little more space within each date so I can divide the space into work-tasks + personal-tasks.

Though I personally prefer the act of writing things down, Google Calendar as your planner works okay too. I do add commitments / sessions on there so I can get reminders before the date too which of course my physical planner won’t do for me.


My ideas come so randomly!! If you’re like me too, you should start recording them in an “idea journal”. Usually the best of them come when I can’t possibly work on them, while cooking or getting Anya to sleep, or while working on something else. So I note these down to make sure I remember them for when I get the chance to implement them or brainstorm them some more. This can be anything, a crazy new idea that I could include in my brand, an idea for a blog post, something to add to my client guides, anything!

It also doesn’t have to be a physical journal and you can use one of the many note-taking apps on your phone. I’ve used Google Keep. Evernote is also really popular. I also love OneNote because you are able to make journals and sections etc. I have used it for the longest time and actually that is my favorite choice. Also all of these apps I mentioned here you can use from your phone AND your desktop which is the best thing about this.

We usually have a 30 minute commute to anywhere living in the suburbs of Seattle and sometimes I get such awesome ideas while driving. I LOVE using a Voice Recorder app on my phone to just say them out loud to save them. Later on I just write them out in my journal or OneNote .

Recording your ideas helps so much for days when you’re not feeling creative AND days when you have too many ideas and can’t do them all.


Even though I’m very random and don’t keep a strict schedule to my days, I am very protective of my time when Anya is at school. I make sure to prioritize my work during that time and most things around the house become secondary. No housework (max 30 min of clearing u), no shopping plans (malls are such time suckers!) etc if I can avoid it and saying no to most morning meetup plans that sometimes come up.

It also helps to evaluate what is your most productive time during the day. I know lots of moms wake up a few hours before the kids because they’re able to accomplish creative things early in the day and then some like me work better at night. I would say just try to see if you can use that time well.

Also have to add that our little ones do grow up really fast. The reason we try to do this working-from-home thing is so we’re able to be there with our kids in their growing years. So do be mindful and try to completely be there when working and then to completely be with kids when you’re with them. The balance is so so tricky and not easy to figure out but just constantly making that effort helps.


If you really want to do this thing (having your own business, working from home, blogging or whatever it is) you will HAVE to simplify some areas of your life. You can’t really have everything working perfectly when our hours in the day are still the same. Evaluate and find areas in your life that you can simplify to make more room for yourself and your work.

I recently realized that over time, I’ve just naturally simplified so much that I previously would spend alot of time and mental energy on, from shopping habits, planning home things, my wardrobe, makeup routines and so much more. I know that if I want to make this work a little long term, while being a full-time mom and responsibilities that I have at home, I will have to stay focused by removing extra time spent on other places. And because it is an intentional effort, I actually love that!

 That’s pretty much it for this but hoping to share more too. I got a few more questions too and am planning to come on live on Instagram & answer those too.

You can follow me on Instagram here and keep an eye for that in the beginning of January. If you have any questions that you’d like me to answer, you can leave those there too. It can be anything relating to business, blogging, working from home, balancing motherhood with work etc. I can’t wait to chat more about this especially at this time with a brand new year to inspire and motivate us!

Thanks for reading friends. Lots of love.