A SIMPLE IDEA to preserve memorable items without saving everything

If you’re like me and have a hard time parting with special clothes and items, especially your kids’, long after their time is done, here’s a simple idea to make that easier.

That sweet sweater your mom knitted for your kids, or that special toy that was your baby’s favorite most, or their latest artwork.. I get so attached to things like these and I started doing this thing where I just take a photo of it. Once I do that, it gets so much easier to donate/recycle it or to pass it on.

For example that first photo above is Anya holding an artwork from her preschool and I’m sharing a few more photos+ideas for inspiration!

The first one is the outfit Anya came home from the hospital in. Sigh. And the other two were from Walu khala (left) and her bari nani (right).

 I used the back of a rolled out wrapping paper and took photos of some of my favorite baby outfits of hers before I gave them away including these ones!

Her Eid outfits + accessories from family with love! This EId a few years ago, it suddenly hit me how fun eid was when you have a little girl and I really wanted to document it!

I just rolled out brown craft paper in the middle of our family room floor to take this photo.

The many pieces of art + the love notes which I’m sure I will miss getting when she’s a teenager! Art has been challenging for me to keep up with being mom to a very creative and artsy girl BUT taking pictures of them and uploading them to yearly folders on One Drive is the way I am mostly managing it right now.

Took this photo on a foam board I keep for things like this. You can find them at dollar stores.

Very special toys from her baray nana & nani (That bear! My nana himself went and bought it for Anya’s 1st birthday when we were in Pakistan) + more from her nani and khalas. There have been so so many over the years and we’ve had to donate some with time. Taking photos really helped keep the memory and made it easy to part with them!

Again took these photos on a foam board from the Dollar store.


Here are a few ideas for what to do with these photos: 

1: Print it out and add to your baby book (eg: for those special outfits).

2: Make a ‘Memory Box’/’Artwork’ folder on your computer or Google drive and save these photos there.

3: If you make an annual photo book for your family (more about that here) you can add these to that.

4: Create an email address for your kid and email these photo memorabilia to this address (you can also use this email address to send letters to your child etc. More inspiration here) so they can find them when they grow up and you give them the password.

5: Share them on your Instagram with a specific hashtag so you can keep them together. (eg: I use #anyasartworkproject whenever I share her art on Instagram. )

Here’s what I’m doing with them for now

I have a folder named ‘Memory Box’ on our One Drive which I’ve shared with Bilal too and add photos/files there. Also have an ‘Artwork’ folder further divided into folders by year and add photos of artwork there directly from my phone.

Also select some to add to our annual photo book. ALSO when I share some on Instagram, I use a few hashtags so it’s easier for find them later on:):)

What do you think? Do you think you’ll try this out or maybe you do some version of this already? I would love to hear about it!

xo, Nataliya