How we do ‘Eidi’ + 5 ideas for you to try out

These beautiful Eidee envelopes

For most of us who grew up in Pakistan, probably a favorite Eid memory is getting that Eidee (the traditional gift of money on Eid). And now it’s our turn to pass on that excitement to our kids ( probably one of my most favorite things we get to do as parents is being able to share the best of our childhoods with our kids. Yours too?).

Handing out Eidee is fairly recent for us though. Three Eid ul Fitr’s ago we were in Pakistan for Eid and I realized I had completely failed in passing on the Eidee tradition when Anya just couldn’t understand why every come kept giving her the ‘same thing’ since she ‘already had it’. Haha. I had to take her Eidee shopping the same day in Islamabad (Shaheen Chemist was the only place open, haha) to show her why Eidee is cool!

But fast forward to right now & it’s becoming a regular at our own Eid celebrations. As our kids get older and the stuff they own keeps multiplying, our group of friends has transitioned from the table full of gifts (more on that in this post about a backyard Eid party we hosted one time) we used to do, to Eidi. We have loved handing it out in recent years and there is big excitement all around as you can probably tell from these photos from two years ago ::)



  1. As soon as Eid plans are finalizing we start discussing Eidee / gift plans just between us friends.
  2. We decide on a predetermined amount for the Eidee that all of us are comfortable giving.
  3. Usually the hostess mails out a list of names of all the kids that will be there, including any family in town so no one is left out. This also prevents any guests from forgetting anyone and being embarrassed.
  4. I love taking Anya Eidee shopping the very next week and it’s so fun to be able to buy one / two big items from all of that combined ‘Eidee’.
  5. I love using printable envelopes to hand out it out like these free ones I used last year. If you scourage Pinterest there are so many pretty options to choose from:)

I actually love the many beautiful (& free) options for envelopes / gift tags if you just search on Pinterest. But also wanted to add another if you’re local to the Seattle area (or elsewhere in the US) – these beautiful luxurious Eidee envelopes made by Sumrin of Monkeys Go Bananas make the perfect envelopes for this!

What about you, are you for Eid gifts or Eidee? I feel like gifts work best for younger kids & Eidee might be better for older kids.  What do you think? What do you give out? What do your kids love getting? Tell me everything!!

Thanks for reading & lots of love,


I used these gift tags on top of envelopes I found at TJMaxx