Pakistani and proud

Happy birthday beloved Pakistan.

Last year this time we were back home & it felt so special. It’s hard to find the words to express my feelings; that drive through the streets of Islamabad in the evening, the ‘milli naghmay’, the firecrackers, the festivity in the air.. Growing up, this was our favorite part of the independence day celebrations & I got to share that with Anya…

.. Major nostalgia, sigh.

⁠I’ve always tried to raise Anya in a way that she feels proud of her Pakistani heritage. Despite the many quirks & what the media might want her to believe, there is so much about Pakistan that is just impossible to find anywhere else in the world! I want her to always feel that too. That just like any other culture or country, Pakistan isn’t perfect but there is still so much to love about it..

It makes me SO SO happy to see her love for Pakistan right now. The way she chooses it as the topic for so many of her school projects, how she proudly wore her shalwar kurta one day to school this year, the way she has taught her friends to pronounce “Paa”kistan the right way…

Just makes my heart so full…

I think that the best thing about being multicultural is having this window into two different worlds. How much richer are we if we take the best of both as we move forward! And to lose that piece of your history, that piece of yourself..

.. it would be just so sad ..

I’ve shared previously on my blog some of the ways I’ve made sure Anya feels proud of her roots, through love of the language, the culture, the music, the clothes, through travel as well as through history and stories of inspiring people and more.

How do you make sure your kids are proud of their roots & their multicultural upbringing? Would love to hear.

xo, Nataliya

(Photos from the same drive through the streets of Islamabad that we used to do growing up because I really wanted to document this bittersweet feeling – Mama has replaced Papa on the steering wheel, Islamabad is so so different. It feels new yet the same.)