Why I am switching to bullet journalling this year

If you follow my stories on Instagram, you must know I depend on my planner alot to stay organized. I saw my parents doing this too & have needed to “write things down” to process them & to feel on top of things. For the past few years, ordering my planner has been a favorite highlight for me. I have just loved the ritual of finding the perfect one that works for my needs and enjoyed my Happy Planner and recently my Dayna Lee planner that I found on TJMaxx.

Somewhere in the last year I stumbled upon a bullet journaling video on YouTube and became really curious; enough that I decided to try this system instead of my usual planner for 2020. I thought I’d share a few tips/links about this and also share why I’m excited to to try this method of journalling for this year.

Just FYI, this isn’t a “how-to” as I’m a newbie myself, BUT I will link a few very helpful videos to get the hang of it if you’re interested down below.

The biggest thing I wanted was to keep it simple and not get bogged down by anything that made it complicated to follow through. I need a simple doable system that works for my needs.

First, why I was struggling with my planners

It’s been very hard to find a planner that fits my needs. Since I like to plan for the whole week, I like to have more space for that (to-do lists, weekly menus, groceries etc) and not too much space for each day in particular.

It also bothers me when you have all this wasted space if you fall behind on planners, which of course happens however regular you are at using them. It makes me feel guilty for falling behind and also just wasting so much paper (you know I have been moving more and more towards sustainability in all areas of our lives)

I also love to plan things like trips or parties etc in writing and usually have to do that elsewhere since there isn’t space in typical planners for anything extra.

And WHY I’m excited about this method of journalling

My favorite thing is that you make it YOUR own (literally, since you use a journal to make this). You can fit in everything and anything that you want and omit the things you don’t need or want to focus on.

I also love the freedom of changing things up as needed for every week or month. And that if anything comes up like a party or a trip, you can use space for that within the same journal.

If you have never heard of Bullet Journals, here’s an introduction

( Here’s an introduction to the system but here’s the video that caught my interest. I also love this simple way of approaching it. )

(If you prefer reading instead of watching a video, here’s one very basic intro and here’s another)

Basically, the bullet journal is a planner system devised by Ryder Carrol designed to make it simple to plan your days & weeks. While any blank journal can become a bullet journal, not every planner in a blank journal is a bullet journal. The bullet journal has a few specific pages that set it apart.

How to start right NOW

It might sound complicated initially but it’s very simple. Once you’ve done a little research by watching a couple videos and seen what clicks to you, just start. Use a dotted journal (or use any that you have lying around especially when you want to try it out) – Set out a little time in the beginning to start your journal, this is where you lay out your calendar, and start on your first month. Good to have: ruler/highlighters/washi tape. You start with a key page where you basically note down what symbols will mean what in your journal. And then move on to a year at glance and your first month in review followed by week in review. You do the next month when it’s time and make it as you go all the while.

Here’s how I’m doing it //

I just used a blank lined journal instead of a dotted once since I had that on hand / a foot ruler / Pen, Pencil, Washi Tape, Highlighter, Colored Pencils that I had on hand already. I mostly mixed sections I liked in the videos I linked above. A few sections I am personally excited to add: brain dump / habit tracker (also did a Namaz tracker) / monthly intentions / meal planning / gratitude list etc.

And that’s all, I’ll share more if there are any updates. If you’d like me to do a walk-through over on IG stories do let me know. And meanwhile if you have any questions, feel free to send in.

Love, Nataliya

PS: Anya got excited to start her own too so I helped her make a very basic one for herself using a journal she already had. Especially fun for her was adding a “wish list” to add things she want’s to get / a brain dump, since she always has too many ideas especially at bedtime / a gratitude list 🙂