Our little Ramadan corner + a few favorites

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Back in the beginning of Ramadan, I shared this little spot in the corner of our dining room to keep our Qurans nearby and handy. I did it last year too and knew then this was something I’d probably be repeating every year in some way, not just because it makes it feel special but also because it’s easy to pull off AND serves a practical purpose!

I’ve made peace with the fact that I can’t plan these things too far in advance. I’m just not that person which is sad but it’s okay.. so all of this came together in a very impromptu way over a few days! Basically no stress, not much planning involved..

Here are the things I ended up using here: Our Qurans / dua books / more inspirational reads / tasbeehs / prints, plant, candle for decor / bookmarks /

(scroll down because I’ve linked everything below)

I really really love the “Shukr” print I purchased last year (linking below) with the reminder from the Quran that I personally need daily. It was supposed to be printed out properly and hung up on a wall; or that was the plan but only happened now so imperfectly. It still really makes me so happy though!

And omg isn’t this card the sweetest? (linked below) I randomly ended up sticking this up there too because it’s so appropriate haha! Our juicy Mejdool dates are definitely are favorite parts of iftar!

That’s it you guys. Remember it’s so important to “DO YOU” with our Ramadan celebrations. This month isn’t about having the best decor or traditions or anything of that really! I just know that my Anya loves and appreciates Ramadan “feeling special” so I do what works for me and our family. Yours could look very different and that’s amazing!

Because you guys (on IG stories) wanted to know more about some of these items I’m sharing all of the resources here. Hope that helps!


Have to especially share about these three things that I was kindly sent by these small businesses that made this month extra special!

1 // This beautiful book we were sent last year is a MUST-HAVE for your kid’s library. Najma by MGP books. I cannot tell you what a beautiful read this is.

2 // These crescent Bookmarks from Monkeys Go Bananas! We were #gifted these too last year and have never really loved bookmarks so much before. Love that they don’t slip out and the leather-ish material is so pretty!

3 // The card from Pyarful is going to become a regular for Ramadan I think. Krisa, sent these to me last year and I loved them so much that I saved a few for myself to use as decor.

Edited to add her beautiful Eid card as well that I used for Eid ul Adha.


Original inspiration : Busra Qadir/ Urdu Mom

This is such a beautiful Quran for kids or for introducing Quran to kids.

The beautiful leather Quran that makes the best gift too.

No God but God by Reza Aslan makes for a wonderful read to catch up on Islamic history in a very fast way.

Prophet Muhammad’s life story told in the most concise way perfect for kids!

This Ramadan Activity Book for kids.

Night of the Moon is one of our favorite Ramadan books about a Pakistani-American family. (I read this same book in Anya’s classroom every Ramadan too)

The Names of Allah is a gift from my mama. It’s really old and more than the book I love the note from her inside. Sigh, story for another day!


Ramadan Mubarak downloadable freebie

Pyarful “I love our date nights” greeting card, gifted from last year (maybe you remember this collaboration with Pyarful last year? )

Moon Balloon from Amazon

Light letter board from Target

Shukr print from Nayma Studios (Her prints are just so beautiful. I wish I could buy them all)

Matching tasbeehs (prayer beads) for Anya & myself from our favorite Rubina aunty

Coconut wax candle bought at Home Goods

Lights + Plant hanger : Ikea

Wall Hangings “Chaabris” (traditionally these are for roti breads) bought at one of the shops at Lok Virsa in Islamabad

Bar Cart : World Market (really old)

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Lots of love.