Eid Nostalgia + a photo story of our socially distant Eid day

(Sharing a photo story from our simple, at-home Eid ul Fitr along with these words written for this writing prompt initiated by Rimsha)

That waking up on Eid mornings and instantly checking our mehndi to check the color – Papa’s crisp white shalwar kameez as he got back from Eid prayers; the smell of his perfume and that smile on his face as we hugged each other ‘Eid Mubarak’s – Opening the gifts mama had set out for us excitedly – trying to sneak into the trolley full of “khanay” (foods) laid out for guests. the Eid parties at the PAF bases and the visits from papa, mama’s friends – And without fail every Eid, us complaining about how boring everything was at some point; almost funny now because I would give a lot just to re-live any bit of those moments! Sigh. Instead it’s us where our parents were then, our places taken over by our kids – aah, this cycle of life… ⠀

The day before Eid, as my sister in Canada celebrated Eid day there & we put Eid decor up, celebrated our last Iftar, wished Eid Mubarak to family in Pakistan & celebrated our own chand raat.

While this Eid was different than the usual, here are a few of our usual Eid rituals: ‘Halwa Puri’ nashta .. Eid prayers at the mosque .. endless videocalls .. Bilal complaining about wearing his kurta, me trying to convince him to keep it on for family photos (ha) .. Eidi from Bilal .. celebrating with friends with an Eid potluck.. and much more…

Watching our mosque’s live broadcast felt so unreal, Videocall Eid wishes (including Miss Oreo making an appearance), a gift corner thanks to the gifts from special special that kept pouring in previous week, the halwa puri breakfast I make for my Anya (tried out this baisan halwa and OMG it’s a favorite already) & gift exchanges including the most beautiful tassle banner Anya made for us as a surprise. (More resources at the end of this post)

Somewhere between aching for the “bachpans ki eids” (childhood Eids) & trying to recreate the magic for our little ones, we discover “our own Eid”. It must have it’s own magic too because Anya tells me a million times “I LOVE EID…”⠀

Afternoon was spent going to deliver our Eid boxes and getting to wish Eid Mubarak to our friends from a distance, taking Eid portraits & eating the Chicken Pulao dinner I had made especially for Bilal to celebrate not just Eid but the rice+roti free Ramadan he had made through.

How was your Eid spent? What are some of your Eid rituals?

Much love,


PS: While trying to go on and celebrating as planned because of our kids, this Eid was spent heavy-hearted because of this + global covid19 situation and the many families who’ve lost loved ones (got news of my friend’s mom passing on Eid day). I did not share any Eid highlights on IG stories I had planned originally out of respect and care for the many hearts that I knew were so heavy.


MY OUTFIT: from Waliya’s closet – best part was how it smelled of my sister too. (DUPPATTA): Gift from my mama from the shops in F-10 in Islamabad. (KHUSSAS) from Khussa Center in F-10, Islamabad. ANYA’S OUTFIT: Passed on with love from a friend.


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Oh Happy Day banner

Star Lights

Treat bags

Salt water taffy

GIFTS : I got Bilal these essential oils for his diffuser that smell AMAHAZING (rose / cedarwood) / I sent this sweetest, most beautiful read for my niece. / Favorite new books I got for Anya’s friends : this one on kids from around the world going to school ; this one on facts about Muslim civilizations & inventions ; this travel book that includes EVERY country in the world ; this activity book for kids who love nature / Got the sweetest wooden memory game for the littler kiddos


Since we weren’t meeting friends this Eid, I wanted a way to include them in our Eid so I ordered Eid boxes through Afshan . It was the most amazing experience. She even included extra treats for Anya including these Eid cookies that you can guess turned out to be a total favorite!

Kelly of Mendi Mom & I had been working on a collaboration when Covid19 hit us and we were so bummed. But so grateful we connected because I ordered henna from her and it was the most amazing smelling, homemade (& chemical-free) henna of our childhoods. Such a sweet person she is & I LOVED her detailed instructions and her packaging.

In love with this necklace I ordered from Nominal and wore second day of Eid. That verse is one of my favorite most and the reminder I often need. Everything about the experience of shopping from this husband/wife duo from their branding, packaging to the necklace itself was excellent.