A few favorite ideas from our Eid gatherings

How are things in your corner of the world? Are you going to be meeting up friends & family for Eid? Please do remember to be mindful and conscious of everyone’s safety, especially the more vulnerable around you (elder family members and those with health conditions have much higher chances of developing severe complications from Covid19).

Since things are far from better here in the US (our county only allows meeting 5 people outside your family over a week) our normal Eid gatherings are not possible. I cannot help going down (photo) memory lane of our Eid gatherings from over the years & I wanted to share a few of my favorite ideas today. In case things are better where you are and you’ll be celebrating with friends or family, hope this inspires you.

If you’re in a similar situation like ours or even if you aren’t, check out my Eid post from eid-ul-fitr this year for ideas for an “Eid at home” instead here (click through to read)


I LOVE a halwa puri nashta for Eid and if done right it can be a simpler way to host for Eid. Ask your guests or some of your friends to bring along a “meetha” for a beautiful dessert table for the side. (this one from Sumera‘s Eid gathering from last year)

Our main group of friends has been getting together for Eid for almost a decade now and our celebrations have evolved so much, with many traditions coming and going over the years.

With kids older now we are trying to be mindful of including them more. My friend organizing a game of Bingo for the older kids was perfect at our Eid last year. Other options: passing the parcel kind of game / a talent show / story time for younger kids / a treasure hunt for gifts or Eidi packets .. There are just so many possibilities!

I shared before about Eidi and how and why we’ve switched to that over presents in recent years. Eidi has become a big highlight for the kids and we try to make it a special part of our gatherings by getting all of the kiddos together and handing out their envelopes.

Eid & especially Eid ul Fitr gatherings can be too hard for the hostess if you have a bigger gathering and so most times we do a potluck where we plan the menu properly in advance (tips on hosting a big potluck gathering here). But for Eid sometimes with everyone kind of exhausted but still wanting to get together, we all contribute & get food catered. We’ve done it for this backyard party from years ago / food from Inchin’s Bamboo Garden). It is THE BEST THING honestly. If you haven’t thought of ordering in for your Eid celebrations, I highly recommend it.

How I wish I could share all of the crazy happy photos from this but let me tell you this was THE HIGHLIGHT from last year – an Eid gift exchange for the grown-ups. One of my friends started the tradition a few years ago and this year it turned out the most fun! It’s a little confusing to explain so here are all of the details for this White Elephant style gift exchange . To give you an idea; you decide on an upper limit for the price (the point is for it to not be expensive – we decided on $20) and every person gets one gift that could be used by anyone in the group (had to be unisex for ours); all of the gifts are laid out in the center and each person gets to pick a gift. The crazy fun part is that your gifts can be “stolen” by the next person which adds to screaming, laughtet and alot of fun. I explained it terribly so please click through to read it all.

(this one from my friend Nabila’s place who graciously has hosted for Eid so many times this past decade)

For Chand Raats, I love a simpler mommy & kids (or family) celebration and these photos are from the time I hosted a few years ago. I find these easiest to do with just your closest friends so you can do one main dish for dinner followed by lots of desserts maybe. The point is to just have fun and chat as girls get henna and maybe paint their nails. (Reminder to have lots of henna and maybe nailcolors out too in advance. I forgot haha). I also put on some Pakistani movie dance songs so kids could dance along in their traditional clothes afterwards. Here’s my YouTube playlist.

And that’s it for this one. Do you have any fun ideas from your Eid gatherings from over the years? Would love to add more to ours. And if you use any of these, please do share or tag me on Instagram. I’d love to see:)

You can find even more posts about Eid on my blog about making it special for our kids, taking family photos and more. Click through to find more!

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