The story of an Eid table

Another Eid spent in this pandemic quarantine life and I have to say this one was my favorite (of the two). Last Eid did not feel like one spent at home because a huge portion of our day ended up being spent in delivering the Eid boxes (you can see that one here), so this one was TRULY an Eid at home.

I made a video to share a full story of our Eid day – Would love for you to check it out here if you haven’t. I loved documenting it a little differently this time:)

This Eid I didn’t do any of the usual preparations in advance like ironing clothes and cooking and wrapping up gifts in advance. It was a little intentional actually because with no big plans, I felt like these little rituals would became a part of our simple Eid celebration at home. First time in years my plan for Eid morning was to start the day slow and telling myself it was okay to stay in pjs for a bit (maybe that didn’t turn out best because that’s my look in all of the Eid family call screenshots haha.)

Once all of those things were done.. taking my time, letting the creative juices flow to set up our simple Eid spread became the highlight of the day for me. Using the word “spread” very loosely for the two dishes I made haha – nihari for Bilal + halwa for Anya 🙂

I shared this on Instagram too but sharing a little more of this love story of my Eid lunch table. Have to tell you that apart from the flowers (Bilal accidentally ordered online with our grocery delivery hah) & one inspiration image (can’t find it anymore sorry) I had no plan in my mind. Everything happened in the moment. I love that it becomes this creative process this way. You can see it come together here .

Here’s what I ended up using for the table : Anya’s bedsheet (thanks to inspo from the eid convo with Sumera) layered under a tablecloth my Papa brought ages ago from Bangladesh (this became my main inspiration), flowers, all of the candles in the house, the plants I got as Eid gifts for Anya & Bilal, Anya’s Eid gifts from us.

To add more life to my two dishes, I also added a chai tray + fruit.

And finally another favorite part was how doing this I felt just like my mama setting up her buffet tables for the gatherings from all of our childhood memories.

And that’s it my friends. I had a revelation that most of my own childhood Eid memories are from home with us five together or with nana nani if we were together too but before our family’s Eid memories have mostly been with friends and our Eid gatherings; and so this has felt even more special!

Did you do a simple Eid at home too? What was the part that made you the happiest?

+RESOURCES (this post & Eid video)+

Eid Card in frame: Pyarful
Homemade natural henna: @mendi_mom / Hack for sleeping with henna: @shehzeen.r / Eid story about sacrifice: Mamanushka

Table :
Tablecloth : my Papa brought from Bangladesh ages ago. / Candlesticks: Amazon (affiliate link) / Flowers: ordered online via Whole Foods via Amazon (affiliate link) / Nihari from Shan Masala + baisan halwa from Ikneadtoeat / Plants + planters as gifts: Safeway / carved wood candle stand : from my grandparents home. / Wicker tray: Target / Wood tray, serving dishes : Anko USA

Mine: Kurta from Khaadi & Pants & Dupatta from Waliya’s closet. / Nailcolor: Light as feather from Orly Breathable line.
Anya: Gharara from an outfit from Nishat Linen / Top from a different outfit from Ideas by Gul Ahmed. Bangles: bought in Pakistan from a stall. Headband: Amazon (affiliate link)

Canon’s Camera Connect app for IPhone to take photos remotely.

Much love,