Dining Room Art Wall : a photo story

If you’ve been here a long time, you might remember the art wall in our old house (here’s an old post about that). It was one of my favorite parts in that house. When we moved here, that wall kind of turned into this one with a few additions.

This is one of those parts of our house that I get the most messages about and so for today I’m sharing a photo tour of this (I’m in the process of re-doing it right now so documenting the before this way too) 🙂

I’ve shared often how in decorating our home it’s really important for me to be surrounded by meaningful objects, things that bring along a memory or tell our story. I laugh often how almost everything in our home has a story and that’s the thing with our artwork too hehe.

To me, art that is either made by someone close to us, bought on vacation, or has some kind of story attached to it feels so much more meaningful to have displayed.. over just going out to purchase something for a particular area of the house. Does that make sense?

We also just got lucky to have so many artists in our families including my husband himself. Most of the art in our house is lovingly made by someone close to us. I love having them displayed around us and actually my goal is to bring more of them out and displaying it up. Can’t wait to do that!

Here’s all of the details on the art:

Top row from right to left : (1) Bougainvilleas by my mom, Shireen Najib. This painting was one of my favorites and used to hang in my room before I got married. (2) Islamabad at dusk by my mom again (3) A watercolor painting from one of our airforce bases we lived at, by my mother, Shireen Najib (4) By a local artist from Rawalpindi bought with my fam back in Pakistan at Lok Virsa. (5) This was just a temporary filler that never got replaces – a bad print of an amazing Hajra Mansur portrait (one of the top artists of Pakistan in case you didn’t know)

Middle row right to left (three small paintings in the middle + middle print on the end): (6) I bought this print from a local artist at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco on a trip with my whole family the one time they all visited together back in 2008. (7) A pen and ink landscape, made by my husband (8) This was a gift from my sister Nadiya when we moved into this house. (9) My husband bought this one in Seattle downtown from a homeless artist on his way back from work one time.

Bottom row right to left (10): Got this caricature done at Universal Studios back in 2011 when Anya was just a baby. (11) Second one in that set of prints print from a local artist at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco on that trip with my whole family the one time they all visited together back in 2008. (12)A gift from my brother-in-law, my husband’s brother, bought for us on one of his trips to Europe (13) An oil pastels art from my husband’s sketch book (14) A painting by my sister-in-law Shafaq us Sahar (check out her work here). I have such beautiful memories of visiting every winter and going through her artworks and picking a few to bring back. She’s so talented. Here art hung in Anya’s 1st room too. (15) Mixed media art by our niece Ayesha Masood (more here), brought back on a Pakistan trip. She was busy giving out stuff in her room as she packed to move to Canada for school and was sweet enough to offer us this .

(Frames from IKEA, Amazon & other random places. Got one custom framed at Michaels.)

Thank you so much for reading. You’ll find me sharing glimpses on Instagram randomly of what I’m planning to do now and the progress. Will of course do a blog post once it’s all done inshallah. But don’t count on it happening any time soon (running on atleast a few years time backlog normally haha)

Thank you so much for reading.

Lots of love