A nostalgic story tour of my mama’s home in Islamabad

A few years ago I shared this story tour of my mama’s home while visiting her in Islamabad. The photos were just for stories and the quality & resolution is terrible, but this tour struck a chord with so many people. I thought I’d share this here as well to save it!

(I’m adding a few photos from my big camera just to make up for the terrible quality of the original story photos)

Going to start with a little background…

(The chandeliers you see used to hang in nana-nani’s Lahore home which is the place of all of our childhood memories.)

Her room was originally the one that nana nani have now (did this tour of it once) but she moved into the guest room when they came to live with mama.

And that’s it. Wasn’t able to share all of the stories since many were videos or gifs that couldn’t make it here. Maybe I’ll turn them into an IGTV as well soon!