A few tips for taking motherhood self-portraits with your kids

As moms we are often the official memory capturers of our kids & our families, which means LOTS of photos of our kiddos, them with their dad too, but very few of you with them; which is so sad because it’s so important to have photos of you with your babies! Do you know that feeling of holding every photo with your mama from your own childhood so close to your heart? And I know you feel it a little extra if your mom or dad is not in your world anymore. Can relate so much!

(btw: Here’s an article to share with your husband on taking more photos of his kids’ mama.)

I’m actually very lucky like that because my husband loves taking random photos of Anya & myself. I love that they’re such a real representation of us (sometimes TOO REAL if you know what I mean haha). Despite having these, I’ve always loved taking self-portraits together too. It’s been a great way to be creative & practice skills too over the years; and they’re awesome if your husband doesn’t take the best of photos or if he isn’t very patient about different angles or poses or more..

Sharing these self portraits with Anya from a couple months ago when I wanted to try out this backdrop. It ended up turning into a fun mama-daughter date for us in the backyard (more on that below). You can probably feel how we both were just having fun with this…

Scroll down for tips to use your big camera for photos with your babies.

+ my setup for these photos+

Canon 6D & 50mm 1.2




Camera Connect app

+ Here’s a few tips for taking self-portraits with your kiddos +

1: Use the wifi functionality in your camera (most cameras have it these days) to take photos remotely using an app on your phone (I use this for my Canon camera). It’s the most amazing thing because you can just pose and discretely click the shutter for natural photos done in a super laid-back way that doesn’t take away from the moment. (If you look closely in these you’ll see my phone there. I’m using the app see what the camera is seeing, change settings and click photos, all from there). So simple & easy.

OR if your camera doesn’t have wifi, you can use a shutter trigger  like this Canon one (it’s an affiliate link) but this Amazon Basics one for Nikon (affiliate link again) works with most cameras too.

2: Don’t pose & instead talk to your children .. about their favorite shows, video games .. Loosen up & be silly with them; Say the things you know will make them giggle. Tickle them, cuddle them, hug them and try to document you together the way you are when you’re having fun. (here’s how I like to take photos of kids).

3: Be trigger heavy. I mean take LOTS of photos. This gives you more a better chance of having photos you’ll absolutely love!

4: Turn it into an activity. When were were taking these, we had our favorite music on and were really just hanging out. It was more of a fun activity + memory than photo taking really. You can also set up your camera for when you’re reading to them in bed for example, or feeding them at your dining table or cuddling them watching a show ..

5: Let go of perfect. Be inspired yes (here’s a Pinterest board of mine) where I save portraits of motherhood., but don’t worry about re-creating any images. Let kids be kids, run and dance & play or whatever. You’ll love seeing their personalities shine through one day even more than if they were just sitting pretty and smiling. (I didn’t have makeup on and just my everyday around the house clothes & Anya wanted to run and dance mostly but I still love these photos.)

Hope these help and inspire you to get into photos with your children too! Do you have any questions? I would love to answer them.

Are you ready for a little self-portrait walk down memory lane? Circa 2012-2020 . Please say a big mashallah in your heart as you see these, sigh. These almost make me want to cry.. where does time go?(See if you can spot the trigger remote in my hand in quite a few of these)

And that’s it!

ALSO: A basic light tip for your photos via my IGTV / a composition tip for your photos via my IGTV

Lots of love.