Simple Shift : Reusing glass jars

Simple Shift is a way to share a small change we’ve made towards a more mindful & conscious lifestyle : a simpler, environment-conscious, clean & healthier shift for daily living. I’m hoping the series will make it feel easy & doable to shift personal habits for a better life for our families & our world. More on this personal lifestyle switch here.

today’s SMALL SHIFT : Re-using glass jars.

This is something I used to do but have become more intentional about this in recent years. Proud to have a stash of cleaned out glass jars under my kitchen cabinet that I have been using for so many things (info on how to clean them at the end of this post).

Here are a few ways I’ve been using them but the possibilities are endless…

1: Use for snacks to give kids for school or for yourself when you’re on the road. Works perfectly for sliced apples, fruit, cucumber slices and more. (Got the idea from Tamania.)

2: Use larger jars for lentils, pastas, quinoa etc in the pantry instead of buying containers. I’ve embraced (maybe fallen in love with) the eclectic feel of the mixed sizes and styles.

3: Use as decor for flowers & tealight candles (more here & here).

4: I use these to keep coconut oil as moisturizer in each bathroom.

5: For food storage in fridge. I use these to make overnight chia seed pudding. So easy to mix the pudding too by just screwing on the lid and giving it a good shake.

6: Buy candy in bulk and use for favors or treat jars (did this on Eid.)

7: Use them to store citrus peels for my stove top air freshener. (More here.)

8: Use them to take flowers for someone.

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A few things :

  • On how to clean the jars: I find that most times just running them through the dishwasher gets the sticker and I’m able to peel off. If not soaking in soapy warm water and then scrubbing with a tough wire scratch pad helps. If not, use oil. If nothing works, I don’t stress over it too much and am totally good with using jars with the stickers too. Changes for the environment are awesome even if they don’t look picture perfect.
  • On being mindful when saving jars since you don’t want to become a hoarder: To keep this in check, I only save as many as can fit the Crate and Barrel box I use to store them in. I’ve decided that whatever doesn’t fit has to be recycled. It is also a good idea to give extras away on local groups. I want to try that next time.


Do you have any othr ways to share? Are you doing this already or do you see yourself making this easy switch? I’d love to chat more.