A golden hour in Japanese Park Islamabad : a photo story

Doing a photo story post after a long time (I used to love doing these) from this evening back in December 2019 in Islamabad when Haroon bhai (Bilal’s brother & Anya’s only and very favorite taya) wanted to take her to Japanese Park and we went along too.

Japanese Park used to be a big excitement for us in our childhood when it was brand new and it’s wooden play structures the first of it’s kind in all of Pakistan (I know you would know the feeling if you grew up around the same time in Islamabad). I remember when we’d visit our phupo’s place in Rawalpindi (from whichever PAF base we were living in then) – I was a little older than Anya probably and we’d excitedly anticipate the day we’d be able to go all the way to Islamabad for this park and have a blast with our cousins…

I can still go back to the “woodsy” smell of it even in my memories though this place has changed so much since, and seen many a sad days.. Maybe you can relate to that feeling? Re-visiting places that meant so much as a kid to see them looking worn and just sad? Maybe it’s not so much the place looking different, than the realization that it just can’t feel the same again..

And still there’s an excitement and comfort in visiting it now too. It makes for a happy little outing especially did on this beautiful golden evening. The hazy winter sky in Pakistan makes for some magical light in the evening and sunset; makes for a gorgeous glow that helps when documenting moments makes your heart happy.

And so do these bougenvilleas and greenery of the city that just feels like home nomatter where I go..

And then driving back on Margalla Road this evening with Haroon bhai .. the memories of the many different phases in life spent here, driving on these roads.. with Papa when our family was just the five of us, with friends during our university days, with our driver Wali uncle when I was working, and then this past decade with Mama and us five, Papa not there anymore but Anya joined in the mix.

And inshallah the ones to come with our family having grown how it has Alhamdullilah.

This evening ended with chai in the car from Quetta Chai (in F-10) as the sun went down and we drove back home with hearts full with another day spent with family on this winter trip together after 5 years..

It’s the little random evenings like this you miss when you live so far from family…

These photos from this evening available to purchase as a digital print in my print store.

Lots of love, Nataliya