Ramadan / Eid boxes for your kids’ teachers or neighbors + a freebie

I’ve shared before about these boxes I make in this post, but thought I’d do a detailed post just on these today after sharing them on IG this morning and getting so much love.

The why

I do this as a Ramadan + Eid box to simplify my life a little bit. This way I can also do it anytime during the month and so it’s less stressful. I really love doing this because there are hardly any Muslim families in Anya’s school… and maybe we are the first Muslim neighbor, friend, student for these families and would love to share our faith with them in a tiny way.

(I know doing traditional Pakistani treats would be a great option instead of these treats but I am always confused about doing them and also just not that much into cooking myself. )

What I include

I tried out a few different things over the years and have settled on this – a mix of treats with a note about Ramadan & Eid. I love to make a trip to Trader Joes or Home Goods / TJmaxx and grab a mix of things from chocolates to cookies to popcorns. You can also do a little gift like a candle, a hand cream, a frame etc. I love to include a jar of dates (with a note about how they’re a traditional item to open your fast.)

I got asked about the box as well and these were leftover from Anya’s covid birthday from earlier. I love them because they’re completely recyclable and reusable. Here’s an amazon link (more on affiliate links here

For Anya’s teacher yesterday I did a bar of chocolate, biscotti, mints, a candle (this was such a great find at Trader Joes). It was Teachers Appreciation Week as well so we did a plant + a gift card for him too. More ideas for gifting in this post.

The note about Ramadan+Eid

I couldn’t find a note that felt just right to me online so ended up making my own over the years. Personally, I want it share in a simple and concise way that explains the beauty of this month without getting too detailed.

You can download & use it for your gifting too and I’d love it if you shared with me or tagged me too. You can print it on cardstock in color or black in white like I did.

The sweetest moment happened when she was able to meet her teacher in-person for the first time ever when we dropped off these treats for him. My heart!

More Inspiration

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A few glimpses of celebrating Ramadan & Eid with our neighbors over the years. Find details in this post.

Do you do something like this? I’d love to hear your ideas.