Our eid day in photos

After a full year in some kind of lockdown we were really looking forward to celebrating with friends this Eid. But then as it came with so much heaviness all around (bombings in Gaza, deaths from Covid..) it was so hard not feel guilty. How privileged are we to be able to spend our holiday safely in our homes .. a roof over our heads, foods and gifts filling up our table, access to fresh water and healthcare, being vaccinated through a pandemic raging in parts of the world..

(loved Al-Jazeera’s Eid In Pictures that caught a feel of this Eid)

This was the first Eid after my sil’s passing as well, so at the back of our minds was her absence being felt SO MUCH. I thought about everyone who has had a difficult year, lost a loved one, lost work, gotten bad news.. Alongside these feelings, we found a way to celebrate our Eid-at-home in simple little ways. And we’re finding out how this is what being an adult is about; absorbing all of the difficult emotions and finding reasons to put on our happy faces to celebrate special days with our families and for our kids..

+random little highlights of our Eid day+

1: Getting ready first thing in the morning so we can still catch each other on our Eids. It was our Eid day morning and in Pakistan the end of first day of Eid (also all of my jaans on Eid: Mama | Nadiya | Waliya). Eid day starts and ends with videocalls & they’re such an important part of everyone’s Eid now no?

2: Our Halwa Puri breakfast ritual (first photo) + the very basic gift area on one side of the dining table (second photo)

3: Standing in chaos trying to finish making halwa and fry pooris while also wanting to pretty up our dining table for Eid breakfast (I have these expectations I set for myself sometimes).. I suddenly made a conscious decision to let go. I took a deep breath and literally did that! I don’t know about you but I remember the chaos of our childhood Eids with so much nostalgia not the perfection, so why can’t we let it be too?

4: Anya made some art as gifts for us and added to the gift corner 🙂

5: a simple impromptu setup outside to hang out with friends who had told us they would stop by. I made haleem, a dessert & laid out halwa and some simple sweets and snacks. While going for “Eid milna” was quite a tradition growing up, it hasn’t been a part of our Eids here so this year I really felt like having that and asked friends especially in the day before to drop in. Next time I might plan it like an Eid open house.

6. Rest of Eid was just us randomly passing time with each other. Somehow that reminded me ALOT of my bachpan ki Eids. I ordered these Eid cookie decorating kits for Anya & a few of her friends so that became a fun activity too..

7. I know many people like having new clothes for Eid but Anya & I both wore previously-loved clothes and it was the best! In my journey towards a more sustainable life, I’ve only recently realized thanks to my sister, how proud we should actually be every time we are able to do this.

Anya’s beautiful dress was passed on from a friend who’s daughter wore it a few Eids ago. It is as gorgeous in person and I feel so lucky she thought of us just as I was worried there wasn’t enough time to order a jora for her online. The dress is old but it’s from Minnie Minors. These photos above of when I randomly did a session of her in my Eid minis setup a few days before Eid. I have so many beautiful shots of baby from this evening sigh!

I wore this dress that was Waliya’s and yes felt total “dulhan” vibes haha but loved it still. Wore it with the dupatta that I bought with my mama last trip to Pakistan:). Please don’t miss the earrings I’m absolutely in love with sent to me so kindly by Saaj by G . Gurpeet is a small business mama and I love her store.

You can use the code NATALIYA10 for a discount on their website | link to the Surya studs

Remember these? Loved pairing my Leena’s from Meraki x Shehzeen with my Eid jora too. I love these so much! Those words on the card that came with the khussas made me so emotional!

Thanks for coming along and making it to the end haha.

Lots of love, Nataliya