A summer backyard kids camping sleepover

When my trip to Pakistan came up this summer I had quite a bit of mom-guilt at leaving Anya behind and that there weren’t any exciting plans for her to look forward to for the summer – so those couple of weeks I had before I left I tried to do a few things that felt special. One of them was this backyard camping sleepover with her besties.

Loved that this could happen and how sweet these little cuties were together mashAllah. This is my favorite thing as a mom, making memories our kids can look back on years later inshallah taalah. (Scroll down to more memories from previous years)

WHAT THEY DID : Setting up, settle in the tent, dinner together outdoors, movie in the tent, giggling and chatting till they fell asleep, lots of park time. It would’ve been fun to involve them in cooking too and doing that outside as well (Bilal has this small stove that we use outside)..

ON KEEPING IT LOW-STRESS : I had so much going on with my trip coming up so I was very conscious of doing this in a way that is memory-making for them but also low-stress for me & my friend who was leaving right after to see her mom. I made sure setting up & cleaning up was on them and part of the fun so while I stayed around, these outdoorsy-adventure loving girls set up the tent (with Bilal’s help), filled up the air mattresses on their own. I made sure they cleaned up the next day too. I laid out snacks for them & also planned for pizza for dinner; they did want “keema roti” which I was making for us so that was dinner then.

ON KEEPING THINGS COVID-FRIENDLY : Bilal & I always make sure to follow local guidelines because that is the best way to keep things safe. At this point early in the summer, cases were very low, Delta hadn’t spread yet. Also no guidelines for masks when outdoors. But still because kids are still unvaccinated, keeping this small & outdoors was how to keep it safe. The tent also has good ventilation and just added extra blankets for the kids so they don’t freeze too much in the night. Also made sure kids slept on their own mattresses and because our tent is bigger, there was space in-between as well:)

SAFETY : My friends know me as the mom who’s keeping a close eye on kids at playdates (much easier of course with one kid). We also have a fully fenced yard & our bedroom window is towards the backyard which we left open that night so we could hear the kids (they did wake me up at 5:30 am haha to ask me if they could go to the park. I told them to wait till I woke up). And these girls are 10 with my friend’s little one almost 6 so it was much easier to handle at this age now.

The weather wasn’t the most ideal but they had a blast and I did too documenting these moments for them. I have the sweetest photos that I can’t share because of their faces but hope you get a feel in these.

Do you remember when we made this trip happen with them | ALSO from when these girls were tiny & we had this fall tradition.

Have you done something like this for your kids?

Lots of love, Nataliya