Anya is ELEVEN (mashallah)

Celebrating our beti at home. A simple low-key birthday at home that turned into more because I’ve been telling Anya however much I want to keep her birthdays low key Allah finds ways to make her feel extra special always. mashallah :):)

My Anya, I hope you always find happiness in small things, in books & people & all of the things that fulfill your soul. I hope you always remember to celebrate yourself & the many ways Allah made you special. You have taught me more about myself, the person I want to become & the world I want to see and contribute to than anything else. I hope you always feel the love I have in my heart for you!

Random things I want to remember from this day

walking in to my room first thing in the morning with a big smile & “thank you mama” (for her decorated room). Choosing a Ukulele as her birthday gift; exploring it with Bilal. Taking screenshots of the birthday messages she was receiving from family and friends. Choosing Beechers for her birthday lunch. Filling up my Amazon cart with axolotl stuffies + books as gifts from her nani. Randomly looking out the window to see her Russian neighborhood friend walking over with a gift. Impromptu celebration with our friends (feeling more special because we hadn’t done these gatherings in 2 years!). Using those candles Walu had ordered for this birthday celebration we had in Pakistan but that didn’t reach in time.

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and a little throwback to end this just because


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Ukulele from Amazon

Anya’s Dress from Nordstrom Rack

Anya’s sweater from Nordstrom Rack

My sweatshirt from Target

My velvet outfit #gifted from Yards Official

Ice cream Cake: Uncle Harry’s at Safeway

Fringe Decor from Target mixed with streamers

Balloons from Target