Putting up a ramadan basket for your kids

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I probably got this idea from somewhere but I sadly can’t remember. Last year the day before Ramadan I quickly put together a little basket for Anya for the month. You know how I’ve shared about the Ramadan corner I put up for the month? I guess just similar to that but trying to make it feel a little more exciting for kids. I do think about keeping things simple & not too extravagant so most of these are things we had already. If go through some of my older posts that I’ve linked below, you’ll see these things being used over and over 🙂

Sharing what I added including some links for you to find them

Do you do do something like this for your kids? Do share below or come tell me on Instagram. I’d love to chat!

Anya’s been doing this ramadan activity book for a few Ramadans now. | a little journal to use for duas (more on that at the end of this post) | this Ramadan Mubarak art in a frame to put in her room | Also added this countdown to Eid for her that we’ve been reusing for years.

Favorite Reads : Najma (more on that here, but I sadly can’t find a link now), Night of the Moon, The Gift of Ramadan . For younger kids here’s a really cute book that I sent my niece last year. More ideas for kids books here, here & here

Also made her a little Ramadan Challenge with good deed ideas that you can check off & grab a wrapped treat. Ofcourse this ended up being the most popular though let me tell you that by the end of the month, she told me she doesn’t want those treats anyway so better get creative with those this time hahaha. Of course as a parent it also made me talk to her about good deeds more & remind her why we should focus on those & how the treats are just a little bonus not WHY we should do good deeds 🙂

That’s it. Ofcourse you could totally improvise with the concept depending on how much older or younger your kids are. If you try this out, do share with me or tag me on Instagram because I’d love to see.

Buhat Pyar, Nataliya

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