Orange orchards and memories

(This was a post I started writing a week after my sister in law passed away in 2020 but only finishing it now.)

Our trip to Pakistan in December 2019 had felt really special for so many reasons one of them the fact that Bilal had gone with us for the first time after 4 years (he had a hard time visiting after my mother-in-law).. but we will also remember it now as the last time we met my elder sister-in-law. Ironically, the news of her passing in December 2020 came right when our Facebook & Google Photo memories were reminding us we were all together the past year…

These photos here are one of those special memories from the time we were visiting them in Toba Tek Singh & had a picnic at their orange orchards. I’d shared from this foggy cold evening on my Instagram then & so many of you loved them…

This past December, another year later & ironically we arrived at her home on the 1st anniversary of her passing (on her barsi, except in our families we don’t have any traditions of doing anything big for these events as I know is common with alot of families in Pakistan). Her home, her beautiful girls, her grandchildren.. & trying to re-live the happy times of two years ago..

Being grateful to be able to make new memories.. including another visit to the orange orchards; this time on a bright sunny afternoon..

and yet in between all the laughter & the sunshine & the new memories, the gaping hole of her presence in every minute… Happiness & sadness never too far from each other. You realize this more & more every year & you try to make the most of every second!

Lots of love, Nataliya