Simple shift: DIY all-purpose cleaner

Simple Shift is a way to share a small change we’ve made towards a more mindful & conscious lifestyle : a simpler, environment-conscious, clean & healthier shift for daily living. I’m hoping the series will make it feel easy & doable to shift personal habits for a better life for our families & our world. More on this personal lifestyle switch here.

today’s SMALL SHIFT : a DIY kitchen cleaner

I used to purchase those cleaning sprays from brands that call themselves non-toxic or “green” for everyday cleaning for years until my sister mentioned making her own. Ever since then, there’s been no looking back! (so glad)

I know there are many versions of homemade cleaners but here’s this super basic vinegar version that is so effective also so simple that I don’t have to search for a recipe every time I run out haha.

Earlier this year I also shared a video version of this on my Instagram

++ YOU NEED ++

re-purposed spray bottle or glass bottle (linked | more about being an amazon affiliate)


1 cup Vinegar


1 cup Water


few drops of essential oil

(more details if you’re interested in this blog post I use for reference)

I just use a funnel to add the vinegar & water to the bottle & swish to mix


the cleaner sits on the counter top with microfiber reusable clothes (linked | about amazon affiliate) for easy access. I use it as a multi-purpose cleaner in the kitchen – for counters, stove, inside the fridge, dining table; also as a glass cleaner for tables/mirrors & when I dust etc. It’s perfect!

Do try it out if you haven’t already & let me know what you think. Do you have another version of a diy cleaner you use?


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Buhat Pyar, Nataliya