my baby turns 7 + tips for making birthdays special

Lately, I've been starting to get an itch to blog again.. I think I miss it.. BUT I also feel like I'm finally at the point where my business self + blogger self, feel like the same person. That is probably going to sound crazy to you because well it sounds crazy. Will share more about that [...]


Singing into Slumber. A collection of our favorite Urdu lullabies

One favorite childhood memory is of bedtime when my mom used to lie down with us every night. She would tell us a story followed by a few loris (lullaby) she would sing to us as we drifted off to sleep. Nadiya and I would get to take turns to choose the story and I [...]

Guest Book for N+H wedding

I mentioned earlier about the photo guest book I got printed for my sister’s wedding and just wanted to share a little more about it today. I ordered the photo book via Shutterfly, and used this design with some changes. I loved the simple modern look and the bold typography of this template. Thanks to [...]

Memory Table at N+H wedding

My sister recently got married in Pakistan to my school friend. My family has known him for the longest time and we have been so excited this past year planning the wedding. Here's a little story for you guys. 14 or so years ago when H's dad was terribly unwell, my parents would go see [...]