Happy 6th my girl

Every year for the past 4-5 years, I have shared a photo story of Anya's birthday. This one is for her 6th birthday with an excerpt from the letter I wrote to her the night before her big day. Good Morning baby girl. It's finally here, the day you have been waiting for.. You are 6! Alhamdullilah. This [...]


With car troubles came perspective.

Last week on the way back from your gymnastics class, while you were upset at me for eating the last pizza slice, I realized something was wrong with the car. After stopping the car on the side of the road, I called roadside assistance as you nagged me from the backseat to unbuckle you. When [...]

Celebrating You–Anya’s 1st Birthday celebration

Dear Little One, we had a little birthday party for you on Sunday. Despite everything, I decided that we wanted to share this momentous occasion with our closest friends and your friends to be. That even though the worst possible has happened to your mama this year, with that the best happened too. And without [...]