a DIY tee from Anya to her daddy.

Last year, Bilal's birthday came on our first full day in this house. You can imagine how crazy things were on that first day, surrounded by boxes and chaos! In the midst of packing, a week or so before that when I asked Anya what she wanted to make / do for baba for his big day, [...]


O Pakistan

To Pakistan. To the country the great Jinnah gave his life for. To the soil of the motherland and to finally understanding the love for the mitti1 as our elders used to say, that overwhelming feeling as you step out of the airplane and the airport. Through the smoky air, through the very Pakistani smells, you can almost feel it. These are [...]

Current Favorites – Anya Edition

I wish I'd started this when she was younger, but every few months will be sharing some current favorites. It will be a way to record some what she loves through the years, but also these are some recommendations from Anya! TO WEAR Only dresses or skirts, 'no pants or jeans please' // Any of her party dresses // Gharara [...]