Our transition to a more conscious lifestyle : a new series

I’m finally beginning this series to share something that has become an important part of our lifestyle in this last decade, increasingly so in the last couple of years. Been wanting to share about this in depth for a while but remember how our normal pre-covid life used to be? There were always higher priority things to take care of. Right now seems like a great time to finally do this! Are you ready to hear/read more about our transition to a cleaner, simpler, healthier & more sustainable lifestyle? Because I’m ready to share 🙂

Honestly one of the reasons I’ve not shared properly before is because I don’t want it to sound like this is something “I/we have achieved”. I know there are so many people doing this much better than us but I’m sharing to say that this is something we are learning more about and trying to be better and more mindful everyday. And I hope that can inspire others to do the same.

For today sharing a little story of how this journey into a cleaner, simpler & more sustainable lifestyle began..

10 years ago when I was pregnant, I had this really terrible form of pregnancy sickness (Hyperemesis gravidarum or HG) that left me with a very extreme sensitivity to all fragrances and smells. Somehow that journey lead to discovering about toxic ingredients in common household products. This was the very beginning and my first realization that things we used on a daily basis could in fact affect one’s health, unborn baby’s health (more here). Over the next two years, becoming a mom & then losing my dad to cancer my curiosity about non-toxic products in our daily lives grew. From household products to personal care products to makeup, my interest started growing into all of areas..

In the process of cleaning up the products I used, I just became more mindful about buying.. I would buy less, let go of products I could not find natural alternatives for, and started switching to natural alternatives. Since there weren’t many clean companies at that time, the ones there were felt expensive so for me having fewer products that were safer felt like the way to go. And just like I was shifting to a simpler lifestyle with fewer products, simpler routines and more diy/natural alternatives…

As these two changes were happening, it was also leading towards options that were better for our environment. For one, products that don’t contain toxins also release less toxins into our environment (eg: laundry detergents). But also in trying to avoid toxins & simplifying things I started switching to re-usable options more. (for example switching to microfiber cloths for cleaning & personal care .. instead of plastics, I started reusing glass jars from jams for snacks/leftovers etc.) Buying clean & less on it’s own is in fact better for our planet… and I became conscious of that.

Over time, all of these areas started blending in together and have lead to an overall more conscious, more mindful approach in life. And I’m so so grateful about this. It has felt like going towards a more back-to-the-basics kind of lifestyle that our parents would talk about. It has felt so good!

Oh also let me end this post by sharing how I was before this change : I was that person who loved buying specific products for every little thing (eg: I had so many products just for hair, wavy frizzy hair to be specific.. ) .. I loved window shopping randomly for fun, I loved (still do) keeping an eye on latest trends and trying the ones that click to me. My mantra in fact was to try to fit as many pieces as I could within any budget (because why would anyone want to buy fewer things when you could do with more?). We were also lazy because while there was composting including in our garbage service, I didn’t realize how important it was to fit it into our routines.

I’ll leave it here for right now and be back with the next one soon. Please do share any questions, here or DM me on Instagram because I’d love to answer them in the posts to come.

PS: I know this isn’t a topic too many people think about a lot so I’d love to hear from you if you’d genuinely like to read about this more. It’ll inspire me to keep going with this and talk about any particular areas you’re interested in more!